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(MELB) Intyre Motorcycles (Nicholson St) - gone?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by samtastic, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. hello all,
    was headed down Nicholson St this arvo and noticed that Intyre Motorcycles' store is empty. Has Andrew closed down? Or have they moved?

    Seems hard to believe they could have closed, his customer service and love for motorbikes was unmatched (or so i think).

    Anyone know any more?

  2. Mate was ringing them and their phones rang out. I was going to post up - I went past, and there was a small sign stating they'd moved, with phone numbers listed. 183 Nicholson st East Brunswick from what I remember.
  3. ok cool. will have to have a closer look
  4. Moved down Nicholson St near Blyth St corner in East Brunswick.
  5. You're kidding? Have you been to any other mechanics out of interest? The one experience I had with him put him firmly in the 'Out and out Con-man' bracket imo. I wouldn't let him near a skateboard let alone my bike.
  6. what are you talking about? If you're going to say something like that, shed some more light on the matter...

    I've been to other mechanics. Andrew came across as genuinely caring about his customer base, and having a love for bikes.
  7. They've always been good to me.
    I'm guessing they needed to move somewhere with more space as the shop was always pretty crowded.
  8. Really? I can't speak for the mechanical side of things but I've taken my bike for tyres a few times to him and he's been nothing but very helpful, affordable and polite.

    What happened to you?
  9. I was in there once when he was explaining to a guy that he (the customer) had cooked his crank running it with no oil. He was patient and honest with the guy, but the customer just blew his stack. Called him all kinds of a crook.

    Some people just can't handle the truth.
  10. Been there many times, as have others I know, yet to hear a bad word about them.
  11. I'm not questioning his love for bikes, etc - I'm questioning his honesty.

    OK, I'll lay out the situation and you can extrapolate what you will from it. In my opinion, it doesn't leave much interpretation. I may have even written it up on here at the time, I need to check.

    Being useless I tried to do an oil change on my GF's bike at the time and ended up over filling it. She was riding to work and got about ~10kms before it started chugging and blowing shitloads of smoke out the exhaust so to be safe she pulled over and made her own way to work. After work I went home and hooked up the trailer to pick it up - during the day she had found InTyre were open until 8pm so we thought sweet - get it in nice and quickly without having to go home etc and having to wait to get it in elsewhere as she needed it for daily use.

    I double parked and got the bike off round the corner and she wheeled it in to the shop - she was told it could just need a flush or the engine could be ****ed. Shit we thought. The next morning she got a call saying that he had put cameras down into the engine yadda yadda yadda and conducted several tests and the engine was indeed ****ed. I thought this was VERY surprising; the quote was for >$2k!! This was to get a recon engine and fit it - the bike was only bought for $2700. I told my GF to say no chance and that I would pick the bike up the next day as I had the day off, there was no chance we were getting this done without at the very least a second opinion. A few hours later he rang her and said he was going to have another look, an hour later he rang with "Good news" - he has managed to flush it and refilled it with oil and apart from running a bit smokey it was all fine... final cost? $190.

    Ignoring the fact we had not authorised him to carry out any further work, that is quite a ****ing sizeable difference from the original quote and scenario!

    When I went to pick the bike up he looked quite sheepish and blusteringly 'explained' what the issue was and how he resolved it. I asked him what time did he **** it up? The original assessment or the second fix/assessment... needless to say there wasn't much of a convincing answer.

    I then went for a second opinion which was delivered within ten minutes, was wholly accurate and after riding the bike for an 80km loop had burnt any oil out of the exhaust and the bike lived happily ever after.

    So no, I don't think my judgement is inaccurate or unfair. Young female rider in trouble... KERCHIIING!
  12. OK, sounds like you & your GF didn't have a very good experience there.

    For the record, I've not had any work done there, only tyres & bits & pieces...
  13. You could say that MV ;)