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[Melb] Introduction to twisties ride - Sat 13 Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    There will be a learner friendly ride tomorrow starting from Bike Mart in Ringwood. The plan is to go towards Yea via Warrandyte->St Andrews->Kinglake->Kinglake West->Flowerdale->Yea. Then go home back along Melba Hwy.

    It will take a few hours of riding and good introduction to twisties to learners. Approx 200+ kms?

    Wear warm clothing as it will be cold in the hills. If you're sweating in Ringwood, that's warm enough

    Meet point is Bike Mart Shop 4, 70 Maroonday Hwy Ringwood VIC 3134 (unless somebody has a better suggestion like a BP or Mobil and the address ;))
    Meeting time: 11am leaving at 11:30 sharp

    Confirmed so far

    All the lil duckies :LOL:
  2. Awwww crap. I would soooo like to do this but I am doing my license test tomorrow.

    /wishes this was on sunday/
  3. does that mean we can call you big bird :?
  4. bugarit - for the first time ever I have to say no becuase Im working :(
  5. If thats to me, I don't get it.
  6. This would be perfect for me but I am working :cry: . I hope it turns out to be a fantastic day for all involved :) . Take care and have a great ride. :D
    Cheers Lainie :p
  7. bless Firefling for posting a ride that has a reasonable start time, there should be more of this, esp. when its winter.

    where are all these enviromental guru's that talk through their a$$ about global warming whilst we freeze in melbournes winter.
  8. Nah not to you, it was to me. I called all the learners "lil chicky birds" before changing it to "lil duckies". Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen 15+ bikers following?? It's like the duck and all her lil duckies :LOL:
  9. :LOL: :LOL: LMAO .... will look funny, esp to someone who knows about the different bikes...
  10. Ahhhhhh. I see. :)
  11. Awrite awrite, besides, I deliberately didn't add it in cause I thought you'd ask and hence your post count goes up. See there's a method to my madness... :LOL:
  12. I'll ride tail if ya like?
  13. I'll see if I'm up early enough, and if my hand's up for it. I've got my 1000 k service booked for Monday and I need to knock off a couple of hundred k's over the weekend. Could be just the thing.
  14. you are going along the Melba Hwy on a Saturday
    after heavy snowfalls??? geepers
    just be careful with all the mad skiers out killin themselves to
    get up the snow....it will be crazy season on the roads
    from Lilydale to Mansfield or Lake Mountain
    take care
  15. should be ok.... i think the melba is on the way home...
    any die hard skier/boarder will head up ... about now i recon :D
  16. i wouldn't think it would be any different to summer with all the ski boats.caravans heading up there...
  17. Don't worry, we'll be taking things nice and easy. :)
  18. Hehe... while I'm a little past the beginner stage, I think I'll come along anyway. A ride is a ride, after all! So put me down as a 90%. :)
  19. I would come but some ducks were just never meant to fly so i'll opt out.