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[Melb] i'm trying to find a 24hr. gym to use tonight..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by slyfox, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. anyone know of one close to the city? i know there is at least one in melbourne but i can't seem to track it down through conventional means. (i'm a work so i can't search for it all night long.)

  2. there is one in thornbury, on high st, i want to start going there
  3. And I believe it is a "pay as you go" place, they dont have memberships....
  4. Banana Alley, is that gym still going 24 hrs?
  5. thanks for the tips guys, i was going to try banana alley, they are still operating but by the looks of it they're not 24hrs. a day any more (...i think they once were though i never went.)

    i ended up escaping work at 8 so i squeezed in a session near home.
  6. There's one on Sydney Road, no idea where.

    I'd say Brunswick/Coburg.

    It's also pay as you go, I think it's $4.
  7. Yeh I'm looking for somewhere to train late at night also.
  8. GYM? (giiiimmmee)
    ohhhhh a GYM!