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[Melb] HQ Cleanup Sat 25 June

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Knightrider, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. It's time once again to clean up HQ. We have done the green waste, now it's the hard rubbish!

    This coming Saturday - June 25th - we would like to see as many people from Netrider - and especially those who use HQ whether it be a regular thing or just to drop in!

    Bring your gloves, bring your sturdy footwear, and bring your muscles and help us get the place looking schmick for the coming months.

    Clean up is from 10am onwards.

    We will be having a bbq and regulartory pissup on Saturday night - meat supplied, BYO drinks!

    If you need the address, PM Flipper.


    The HQ Social Committee
  2. Ummm yep, I'll be there :shock:
    Thanx to Robyn for organising the skip :D
  3. Depending on work committments, I'll definately be there. I have not shown my appreciation of your hospitality terribly well, Deb, so I reckon this is a great way to do it!

    :D :D :D
  4. Wow, how conveniently placed business trip to Syd. for me. I'll be with you all in my taughts in some Syd. pub :LOL:

    Flipp, if you need ute to move some of that rubbish, I'll be back next week, so give us a yell!!!
  5. Sorry Deb Shan and I can't make it...Family dinner stuff

    Have fun though...we are there in spirirt...
  6. This may sond like a silly question but what is HQ and where is it ???????
  7. HQ- Head Quarters (unofficial)

    It's Deb's (Flippers) Party Palace....the site of many a great Netrider BBQ, Party, Movie Night, Nudie Run... you get the idea :p :D
  8. The only problem with this night is the MOTOGP is on live on FOxtel at about 8pm. (for those people with cable tv that is.)
    Will discuss with the better half and find out if she is interested during the arvo.
  9. Hmmmmm...bike..I am sure Deb could be persueded to put on the MotoGP... I do believe she has cable! :D :D
  10. I may come and give you a hand, in the arvo, if I don't get too tied up at work.
  11. No need for the ute Roamer, but thanks (on behalf of Flipper). We are getting a 31 cubic metre bin delivered to throw everything into onsite.

    There are some benefits to my job!

    C'mon people! I know who is and who isn't a frequent visitor to HQ, so get on the band wagon and mosey on down to HQ to help out kick out some crap!
  12. Sorry I'm already committed to babysit Jayden & midnight :LOL:
  13. HOW BIG...??? 31 cubic metres is GINORMOUS...
    a 3 semitrailer haul away... easy :p

    just what are you throwing out...? the whole house? :LOL:

  14. yeah why not, i'll give you kids a hand. just wont be there for the evening drinkies as i'll be working grumble grumble
  15. Just about the whole house!!!

    For those of who were at the green waste clean up - this next bin is twice the size (height)!!!
  16. That's a big bin :shock: :shock:
  17. Be able to fit lots of Suzuki's in a bin that size :p :wink:
  18. I can guarentee that the MotoGP will be live on Foxtel at HQ :D:D
  19. Do you work at a brothel??? :LOL: :p :LOL:. See how we go Deb, will try to get down there at some stage.
  20. Hehehe. I was waiting to see who picked that up... :wink: :LOL: