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[Melb] Howard Jones Concert Saturday 31st March 2007.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Who else is going along to the Howard Jones concert at the Forum in Melbourne this Saturday night...

    :grin: I am :grin:

    I don't have a brilliant seat, but the last time I saw him I was 15... so this'll be better than nothin!

  2. Howard Jones is he still alive? :grin:
  3. Oy!!! Watch it! :LOL:
  4. Who the hell is howard jones :shock:
  5.  Top
  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooo :(

    Had I have known I would have been there with ya Rob. :cry: :cry:
    Howard Jones Rocks!!! (Does this mean we are showing our age??!! :p )
    (Must check Ipod to see if Howard Jones songs are still on there)
  7. Ahhhhh, some cultured NR's. :)

    Well, I might be biased, but I'll give a gig report afterwards.

    The concert is more acoustic this time than his full on synthe past... but I expect to be taken on a journey all the same.

    I'm looking forward to it. :cool:
  8. I hate you :)

    Have a great time, I reckon he'd be pretty cool. I remember watching him on the Old Grey Whistle Test on BBC2 in 1984.
  9. Nah just 80's music tragics :p

    Enjoy the night :cool:
  10. HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Howard Jones was my Idol back in the 80's.

    Had every single cassette that he ever released.

    Looking for his stuff atm, managed to score a double DVD of his live somewhere in England.

    I'm not sure which seats the finance dept. scored but let me just start by saying. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been waiting for so long
    To come here now and sing this song
    Don't be fooled by what you see
    Don't be fooled by what you hear

    This is a song to all my friends
    They take the challenge to their hearts
    Challenging preconceived ideas
    Saying goodbye to long standing fears

    Don't crack up
    Bend your brain
    See both sides
    Throw off your mental chains

    I don't wanna be hip and cool
    I don't wanna play by the rules
    Not under the thumb of the cynical few
    Or laden down by the doom crew

    New Song rawks!!!!!!!!!

    As does Equality
    Everybody wants to feel happy, even if you think that you don't
    Everyone wants to know the secret, even if you think that you don't
    Everybody thinks they're different from the next man now
    But we just got to realise we're just the same

    Always appear to be someone better
    You know there will always appear to be someone worse
    You know there'll always appear to be someone better
    You know there'll always appear to be someone worse, oh

    Everyone has got their character
    Everyone has got their personality
    But the longing is still the same
    So what is the answer by easy on yourself
    Make yourself feel at ease maybe that's the answer

    Always appear to be someone better
    You know there will always appear to be someone worse
    Always appear to be someone better
    You know there'll always appear to be someone worse, oh

    We're just the same don't you know
    We're just the same don't you know
    Looking over there
    He looks different, she looks different
    They might even be different
    But we're just the same, don't you know
    We're just the same, don't you know
    We're just the same

    Man, I was listening to that when I was in woodwork class.
    ok, I'll admit to havin his posters up in my room :grin: :cool:
  11. Vic... brother!

    They are top songs!

    We may be getting some interesting versions of those songs on Saturday, plus a lot of stuff from more recent albums. It's supposed to be a heavily acoustic night... hope you wont be dissapointed.

    I'll seeing you there then.

    ...never in a million years would I have picked you as a HJ fan.... I had posters up too. LOL
  12. ignore what the sane people tell you bud.

    I've been a fan of HJ for many years ;)

    really looking forward to it
  13. Have to admit - altho' I reckonised the songs, didn't know too much about the guy. Was more of a Magazine, Banchee, PIL fan back then. Was good to see he's got the hair style a bit more under control these days :wink:
  14. [​IMG]

    Well, he's doin bloody better than me the hair dept!!! :(

  15. I'll second that :( :(
  16. Still wears the same shirts tho :grin:

    Ahhh, it all seems like yesterday :cool: HJ, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club *ahem* :oops:
  17. Bauhaus, Devo, Ramones, Cure, Sex Pistols, Joy Division ..... think I'm starting to understand why I'm always wearing black :LOL:

    Well thats what we were getting into in NZ in the early 80's, Post-punk as opposed to New Wave. NZ rocked big time back in those days :grin:
  18. Echo & the Bunnyman, The Cramps, Birthday Party ........ oh the memories (& sore heads) accompanying those gigs.

    Saw Suzi & Banchees perform with Robert Smith at the Astor Theatre a few (too many) years ago - Birthday Party down Fitzroy St somewhere, Echos in some night club up a side alley, The Cramps down St Kilda!

    Sorry guys, talking of the 80's took me on a bit of a stagger down memory lane - I'll crawl back out of the gutter now & get on with my 'conservative' life :p

    Have a great time at the concert Rob :)
  19. ...I haven't minded seeing this less conservative side being displayed at all!

    Thx BB. Will share the joy afterwards.