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[Melb] Hornet 600 '98 - nice price!

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, May 6, 2011.

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    G’day All.

    For sale is my faithful 1998 Hornet 600.

    I bought this bike 18 months back from my former housemate and have put 23,000km on it, most of that being highway touring. I've only just put new tyres and a new chain and sprocket set on it, and within a week I saw a local Virago, and loved her and bought her. And so this has to go.

    The chain and sprocket and fitting (with bike detailing) plus the tyres cost me over a $1000 and so will save you that much (vs a bike needing them). The tyres are GPR200s and I got 15,000km out of the last set with tread left, and after lots of upright highway work. I think the chain was an RK? It was one which the mechanic said would give a proper long life.

    The bike has received 4000km oil changes. It’s been rock solid reliable, other than a problem with the coils that caused bad running when hot – they were replaced and it’s run fine since.

    I bought this from my housemate who owned it from 20,000km while we lived together. He took very good care of it, and serviced it by the book. Inspired by Paul / Hornet’s experience – who has about 150,000km on his now and is still going strong – I decided to purchase this as a reliable tourer. It’s also a fantastic in the twisties. It now has 63,xxx km. I fitted higher bars and have ridden it as though it’s a cruiser – it’s had a very easy life, sitting in the lower rpm range all the time (with the odd de-carbonation!) and I’m confident it will break 100,000km and keep going if you look after it (of course let me be clear I make no guarantees on a bike that’s out of my hands! :)) . I was intending to keep it long-term up until that moment I saw the Virago (otherwise I wouldn’t have spent a friggin’ $1000 on it!) – I admire the Hornet greatly, but such sporty four cylinder bikes are just not my thing, and that’s my only reason for selling it.

    The bike does not come with rego or a RWC. You will need a Vic Roads permit to ride it home. I can’t be bothered – I’ll let the next owner take care of all that stuff for their new bike. The only road worthy issue the detailing turned up was that definitely one, and maybe both, front brake disks need replacing. There's whole sets (3 disks) on eBay for $250. One indicator is also cracked. Other than that there’s a scratch here and there but it’s basically in good condition for a bike that gets properly used. If you inspect, understand it won’t be polished up – I ride it at least once a week so there'll be road dirt; but then it won’t be mutton dressed as lamb, with shiny parts but varnished jets needing a carb rebuild from sitting. This bike is ready for you to jump on and ride to Sydney, or to get to work every day - it sold in very good mechanical and reliable condition.

    Price is $3000. That’s probably less than you paid for your learner’s bike?! Note that the price is fixed: again I’m lazy and straight-forward: I can’t be stuffed bartering. If somebody feels they must barter, the price for them is $3,300 and I’m flexible ;) For everybody else, only enquire if you’re prepared to pay $3000. Word! I can take you pillion but you can only ride it if you hand over your license (I’ll record your license number and time of ride) and all the cash! From a pillion perspective you’ll see it just pulls along all fine. The rego plate will be removed before it passes out of my hands, and it would break the law to do otherwise. The bike title is clear in all respects (no Vic Roads problems, no finance owing).

    It comes with the owner’s manual, the massive factory workshop and technical manual (print-out), a top box, and a mud guard from another bike which I never fitted. Maybe lower bars that I have too if I get round to it (definitely if buyer requests them).

    PM me to inspect. Located in Carlton, Melbourne.






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  3. i only had mine for a few weeks but good bikes!

    and at the bargain it is, ill forward it on to a few of my mates who are after upgrade bikes :)
  4. Thanks :)
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