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[Melb] Hornee Jeans, Scootergals cafe Thursday 27 July

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Group of us are going to check out the hornee jeans at *cough* sumotos *cough* tomorrow night.

    Meeting at 6pm at sumotos, 47-51 Boundary Road, North Melbourne.

    from there we will be heading to either scootergal76's new cafe, at 104 elgin street in fitzroy. We will be there from around 6.45-7 untill she kicks us out ;)

    These jeans look awesome... however its unfortunate that the only melb retailer is sumotos...
  2. For and Perth people interested in Hornee Jeans, i rang them and they said a WA distributor is/has been appointed and should be going very soon.
  3. ok we are going to scootergals :) see you all at sumotos at 6 or else at vivs cafe at 6.30 - 7!!!
  4. Cool. Thanks heaps Vivian! :grin:
  5. should be a good night... Im feeling hornee already ;)
  6. too bad your not riding a Honda Hornet Eswen.. :LOL:
  7. double post :(

  8. I'll see everyone there at 6, getting all hornee ;) :LOL:
  9. Anyone interested in hornee jeans in sydney, i got a pair from MCAS at liverpool a couple of months ago...
  10. How I got hornee with seany

    Thursday night, a cold, dark, stormy night… a group of apprehensive Netirders gathered at Sumoto’s.
    I felt quite confused at my eagerness to buy something from the dodgiest 250 dealer in Melbourne - My hands were shaking, and I felt weak at the knees. My jitters had nothing at all to do with breaking Kraven’s bike and making me late, it was more like a first kiss, when you don’t yet realise that all the other person wants is to screw you over…

    So anyway. I bought some of the new hornee jeans last night and I love them. Very comfy, warm enough for the weather we have had lately, and sexy as (Im talking on the hanger). I haven’t tested them on the ground yet and don’t intend to but they definitely feel far more secure than regular jeans!!

    Naturally, having heard all the stories, I am a little scared.
    Maybe in six months, after the warranty runs out, everything will fall apart while I’m riding down the freeway popping a mono on my awesome 250 and I'll crash and die with horrible road rash, and the only item they will recover from my broken body will be a Sumoto business card. And then, at my funeral, everyone will say "That was Eswen... we TOLD her not to buy from Sumoto's!!" :(

    All suspicion aside, I love these jeans and (once they finally started serving us) Sumoto didn’t treat us badly or anything. They gave us a decent discount (from $239 to $200).
    You can still take advantage of the discount if you head over there on Saturday. Speak with con (easy to remember, just think con – artist *cough*) and mention Netrider.

    They are made by an Australian company, Kevlar lined from the hip to just past the knee. Made out of proper denim (not this fashion crap they come up with these days) so thick enough to feel secure. I believe they are double stitched as well. I feel they are a fantastic alternative to draggins, and I intend to grab another pair soon :grin:
  11. Re: How I got hornee with seany

    Raised more than a polite chuckle from me.
  12. And there was I expecting to see full on gory detail post about how Es and Sean were getting it on...

    Great story, love 1st para!
  13. No such luck I'm afraid. :? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. ditto, i even locked the door :LOL:

    i would buy a pair, but i cna't justify it after buying draggin jeans and cargos.
  15. Re: How I got hornee with seany

    Or they may fall apart after 6 months and we all get to see the helicopter footage on the news that there was a police pursuit of a female on a GPX wearing nothing but a helmet, jacket and a hot pink g-string. :p

    On a more serious note those Hornee jeans do look very well constructed with a bit more kevlar than the Draggins, not to mention alot more attractive than the pipe leg look of the conventional Draggins.
  16. Re: How I got hornee with seany

    [quote="koma]On a more serious note those Hornee jeans do look very well constructed with a bit more kevlar than the Draggins, not to mention alot more attractive than the pipe leg look of the conventional Draggins.[/quote] Yep, heaps more kevlar than draggins and very sturdy construction. :)

    Also unlike draggins, doesn't waste a chance to show off my great arse. :grin:
  17. Re: How I got hornee with seany

    Pink? Bit concerned that you know this much detail!
  18. Re: How I got hornee with seany

    :shock: so am I. I only own one hot pink g and I cant find it!
  19. Re: How I got hornee with seany

    I think you have a good place to start looking :p
  20. for the record
    I didnt do anything bad, just ran out of fuel and didnt realise. :LOL: