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[Melb] Honda VTR250 2001 Yellow low KM

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Phase, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Price: Looking for low 4's // ONO
    Location: SE Suburbs of Melbourne
    Contact: Send me a Private Message

    This bike is perfect for someone who is looking for a low cost commuter, or just started learning to ride.

    This VTR250 has done approximately ~19xxxKM on the clock. Just did a service at Geoff Taylors Honda/Yahama Dandenong last 300-400km ago so the new owner won't have to worry about anything until the next service which is due in 24000km. This bike features LED bright indicators, fitted with Pirelli Sport Demon tyres (top tyres for bikes in its class) about 2000km ago so treads are ~75% good. I changed these tyres because your standard 250 rubbers are horrible in the wet.

    The little wasp is fitted with an aftermarket exhaust for a deeper growl, however it has been slightly damaged on the exhaust as photos will show, but has no adverse effects on sound or performance. There’s a few light cosmetic damages dints on the tank, but that has not worried me. Sprockets and have been are in good condition and have been running on Motul Factory Line Lubricant – best you can buy in stores. Throughout the time I had the bike (I’ve done 10000km on it), it had been running on Motul Engine Oil 5100 10-40W.

    Do your research, and you will find VTR250 is one of the easiest bikes to ride and learn on.

    For this price, in addition to the bike, you would be receiving:
    - 12 months Rego (2011 April)
    - RWC check (have not got a quote but should be < ~$180)

    So a quick summary for the Honda VTR 250:

    The pluses:
    - 19,xxxkm on clock
    - After market LED small, but very vibrant indicators
    - Aftermarket exhaust with grunty growl
    - Pirelli Sport Demons tyres ~75%, excellent grip and safety
    - Recently serviced and in good mechanical nick

    The minuses:
    - Light cosmetic damage on dints on fuel tank and exhaust
    - Indicators flashes fasts because these are LED as opposed to conventional globe

  2. none of you links work(y)

    g/l with the sale
  3. None of the photo links worked? That's interesting cause I can see it on my end. I might need to reupload the photos and provide the embedded URL instead...

    Can I get a confirmation on what doesn't work? The photos don't show up or the links themselves?
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  5. Update: bike is in the progress of being sold to a prospective buyer.
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