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[Melb] Honda Mechanic Needed

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rugsta, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for a competent mechanic preferably one who knows Honda V4s and understands what a torque wrench is and how to use it.

    I have a Honda VFR750 that requires a major service, so valve checks and carb balancing... and I can hear the inevitable words, ' yeah mate they were all fine' beltching from the service managers lips while he swipes my Visa card.. :roll:

    Happy to pay the money just want to be sure the job is done, by the book, properly.

  2. You should get in there yourself. V4's are beautiful engines to work on. :)
  3. rugsta - call Mick at Brighton Kawasaki. Best mechanic I've ever had the pleasure of working on anything I've owned. He used to own Performance Bikes and Watercraft at Morrabbin, but bought the Kawasaki dealership last year. He took his lead mechanic with him as well.

    Him or Frank (lead mechanic) are the only humans to have ever worked on my 2001 VFR800.

    http://brightonkawasaki.com.au/ - (03) 9557 4383

    You wont just be NOT disappointed, you'll be thrilled. No, I have no other connection to them other than being a massively impressed and hugely satisfied customer.

    Good luck,
  4. Is Brighton Kawasaki priced reasonably?

    As I wanna take the new beast (CBR600F4i) in for a check up/service.
  5. I think they're great - as I said above, I am an extremely satisfied customer. Make sure you tell Mick that you're a Netrider
  6. Thanks buddy, I might give them a ring - cos the beastie needs a major service.
  7. See.. I'd almost given up on this thread and then some one comes up with a winner.

    I could indeed 'get in there myself' but rental agreemetn states now mechanics and it only takes one person to complain and its a load of hassle.

    So Brighton Kawasaki it is then, picking the bike up tomorrow so will give it a month or so then call them and get it booked in for a full work over.

  8. I should add, I asked a fella at work here who also recommended Brighton Kawasaki.....so, seems they are worth it.