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(Melb) Honda CBR250R Fireblade

Discussion in 'Archived' started by JayC, Feb 6, 2010.

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  1. dorothy.01.

    The time has finally come to sell my first bike. Very sad decision

    1988 Honda CBR250R Fireblade

    Purple and Silver

    Reg until Jan 2011 and RWC

    This is a fantastice bike for a learner. She has taught me a lot, but I have already bought another bike and I don't have time to ride both.

    A1 mechanical condition, is serviced regularly and very well maintained. She is cleaned and check every week, and starts straight away evey time even without the choke.

    She has been used for commuting to and from work, but has also done a lot of highway k's

    I am asking $4,500.00 neg.

    If interested please call me on 0413 651 335.


    Located in South Eastern Suburbs

    Please no time wasters, and not swapping for a bird bike, I already have 3 dirt bikes.
  2. Also forgot to mention that the bike comes with a waterproof motorcyle cover.
  3. Hi eveyone, I have decided to reduce the price, now $4,100.00
  4. Have dropped the price again
  5. I am surprised considering the popularity of these things that it has not sold yet
  6. The market is flooded with them at the moment, there's heaps of people trying to sell Fireblades, that's why it's hard to sell them, we have to compete with the big retailers who would pay us $2000 for a bike they'll spend five hours on and charge $6000 for at retail. :(
  7. I'm a bit suprised myself, but I'm not to fussed that it's still here, I love this bike and the longer it's in my garage the happier I am.
    I have had 5 scam email enquires. But I do think I'm going to have to take her out for a ride soon to keep the battry from going flat.
  8. Well, I took her out her out for a ride on the weekend as she has been sitting in the garage for nearly 4 months.
    Totally different to the new bike, it took a few minutes to get familar with her again but I realized she is still a fantastic bike to ride and so much fun, makes me have second thoughts about selling, but I can't afford 2 bikes especially since hubby also has a bike, daughter has 3 dirt bikes and we have 2 cars.
    I am going to cry when she goes, wish I could keep her for my daughter, but she's not interested in road bikes and it would be 3 years before she could get her L's, oh well.
  9. Hi

    For everyone who is interest the bike is located in Narre Warren South.
    If someone from the other side on the city is very interest I would be happy to meet half way on a Saturday or Sunday, it will give me an excuse to give her a ride.

    Please no offers to swap for a dirt bike.

    And the price is negotiable
  10. The very sad day has come, Dorothy has been sold and has gone to a loving home.
    She will be missed greatly.
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