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[Melb] Highly recommended ride Pakenham to Kinglake and back

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by robsalvv, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. Starting off in Pakenham, head north on the pakenham to gembrook road and then keep heading north through to launching place.

    ~45km of mixed open /medium/ tight turns. :cool: :)

    If you're keen, turn right onto Warby hwy @ Launching Place and then left at the pub and head towards Healesville. Noobs be aware, there is about 3 - 4 km of dirt. Another 30kms of mixed grade turns and road condition. :cool:

    Once in Healesville, head into town and then right towards Kinglake - which is a really cool noob/intermediate friendly road. If you take the lesser trodden more testing option through more dense forest... watch your traction!

    Prolly a good place to stop and take a breather once you reach kinglake.

    You can turn right back around and retrace your steps or head towards Melbourne via St. andrews / hurstbridge which is the much loved kinglake road with some true 30km hairpins!! or you can keep heading north into more open sweepers and make your way towards melbourne via Sth Morang.

    If you take the st Andrews option and don't want to go to melbourne, you can veer off to Panton hill, then follow roads to Yarra glen and work your way back to Healesville [you can take a challenging short cut called Alma road - be warned... 1 lane twisty bitumen road - experienced punters only] - which will see your tongue hanging out by Healesville and ready to start the trip back to launching place and onto gembrook and then onto pakenham the exact way you came.

    This is mostly not well beaten track, so you're unlikely to get totally mowed down by road racers...

    If you do the loop from pakenham up to kinglake and back via panton hill and you're not totally shagged by the end of this ride... then well <insert derogatory analogy here>.

    Happy riding. Stay safe! :)

    The loop is a ride that definitely fits my sig!


  2. If you like those sorts of narrow tight winding roads, then get you and your machine up to the top of Mt Baw Baw and back.

    50kms up, 50kms back, of some of the most non-stop gruelling cornering bitumen in Victoria. Think Reefton spur, but 2.5x as long, a little narrower, and a lot twistier.
  3. They both sound like awesome rides.....

    A good ride for people starting out is from Lilydale to Healesville via the Maroondah Hwy, then to Yarra Glen on the Healesville-Yarra Glen Rd.

    Stop and grab a drink in Yarra Glen.

    Then on to Eltham along the Eltham-Yarra Glen rd. and back to Melbourne.

    I did this as my first 'big' ride after getting my licence, it was a good learning experience. Its not too long and there are some nice gentle corners and some tighter ones to build confidence. I found riding east to west was good as you get the boring straight parts out of the way at the beginning and hit the twisty bits when you are feeling more comfortable on the bike (come to think of it, if you are feeling confident beyond your ability it could be more dangerous, hmmm).
  4. Farawayman and I rode that bit a couple of months ago, and I used to do it often when I lived at Yarra Junction. The surface on the downhill run from the top into Healsville is pretty bad, and the (right hand) hairpin is quite bad too. Take care.