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[melb] hi from me :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Awebley, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. hi everyone, thought i would finally make an account on here (i have plenty of free time while i heal from my injuries. :( read below). some may have seen me on the thurs night rides here in melb. i'm andrew i HAD the old blue r6 and the yellow axo jacket until xmas day 07..

    i'm a engineering student at rmit, been riding roadbikes for 3 and abit years and i used my cbr250rr and r6 for communting to the city and weekend/weeknight rides.

    well xmas day a car ran a give way, i went into the drivers door then over the ROOF and shattered my elbow forearm and humerus bone. bike is a stat writeoff. running into a car is not a good feeling!

    So anyway, thats a bit from me. i need to keep in the bike scene while my arm gets better, so i think this forum should help that.

    catch ya,
  2. Hi Ya Andrew, Bad luck with the double temporal mass coincidence event :grin: hope you heel well and are back on two wheels soon. Cheers.
  3. hi andrew well u can at least heal

    bikes are easily replaced

    now at least u got a computer to keep ya from getting bored for now
  4. Hey, thanks guys. i'd have to say i was pretty lucky considering the amount of damage that my bike and his car took + the speed. (70kph).

    hoping to be on a bike again by march.see how physio goes and hopefully i'll have a replacement bike by then! thinking about suzuki's :)
  5. hubby got a suz rgv 250(has the power ban ) and he loves it