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(Melb) Help! Lost Tailbag - Update FOUND! Funny Story!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. As the topic says, I've lost the tailbag that I foolishly didn't fasten onto the bike when I left the Cr of Collins & Spring Sts this morning at around 11:30am :cry:

    I'm doubly unhappy as it was a present I bought Clairebear for Christmas. If anyone finds it can they please let me know asap? It's a black Ventura Expandable tailbag like this

  2. Hope it turns up mate .. :(
  3. Hope it turns up minus any wheelmarks.
  4. I work there I will keep an eye out for ya!
  5. So I have it back and it's all thanks to the anti-terrorism paranoia! :LOL:

    So after I posted my initial plea for help, I went out for a coffee and some lunch and paid by credit card.

    Declined! WTF?? There should be plenty of money on the card! So I come back home and phone the bank ready to give them a serve.

    "You're card has been cancelled" says the young thing on the other end of the phone.

    "Who cancelled it?" I replied incredulously. :?

    "Don't know, someone anonymously"

    Well did I give them a serve and asked to speak to their supervisor (I still haven't clicked why it was cancelled yet). So the supervisor gets on the phone and I immediately tee off on him about how some random person can just ring up and cancel my card! (doesn't sound like me does it? :LOL: )
    I actually thought that the fcuker who stole money off me on ebay had done this.
    So he chills me out and explains that it's bank policy for them to cancel a card...

    if the police call them to do so.

    "Oh. Sorry for teeing off on you mate" :oops:

    He cracks up laughing - what a good bloke :) the penny just drops that someone must have handed in my tailbag and it had my cc number on a receipt somewhere in there, so the cops handed cancelled my card in the hope that I'd call the bank and the bank could put me in touch with them, which they did.

    So I call the coppers and, thinking that I'd reward the good samaritan who handed it in, I asked the cop for some details.

    He told me this:

    " Someone called 000 and reported a suspicious bag on the footpath near parliament house, so we sent in the bomb squad to investigate..." :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I cracked up laughing and went and picked it up. Happy ending all round!
  6. That is very clever and helpful of them :) Good to see that something as inconsequential as a lost pack is deemed worthy of police time to find the owner. Glad you got it back, especially so quickly. :)


    Trevor G
  7. :rofl:
    A good outcome ...
  8. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :biker: that's classic, i told my other bikers in the house and they :LOL: too
  9. I agree Trev. cheers
  10. Good thing they decided to check it rather than remotely destroy it :shock:

    Good story and outcome

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. hahaha thats gold!
  12. "Dougz", that's a good name for a terrorist.... :LOL:

    Dude, good outcome... but don't do it again! Getting new credit cards is a biatch!
  13. See - those fridge magnets were worth it after all... :LOL:
  14. Reading this post brings back memories of when I rode home with the zip undone on my bag...and all the contents fell out...

    Nokia 6280(brand new)
    Bike Mag
    Spare gloves

    and the kicker just over $7500 in cash of the shops takings


    luckily enough I retraced my steps and found the cash in the gutter on Nepean Highway...found my phone too but it was phucked, only a couple of weeks old too :( [/b]
  15. ^^^

    Ouch! :cry: