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[Melb] Helmets helmet helmets!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Grunge, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Need some advice and reccomendations.
    As some of you might know, my g/f and I are going to go for our L's soon. (hopefully when things clears up in our calendar but at this stage it's looking like not until May*sigh*)
    I have a mate that's going to teach me the basics before I go on those one day L courses, and we figgered, a good idea is to get our own helmet now that way we don't have to dump a whole wad if cash when we get the bike for helmet, jacket etc etc, make the cost less visible.

    I'm looking at getting a helmet with a budget of no more than $200. (Maybe a little more if it's worth it.)
    Any reccomendations as to what brand (I guess at that price tho' there won't be as much of a difference.) as well as good shops to get it in Melbourne? We'd appreciate any leads. =P

    Thanks in advance! :]
  2. For that budget, one that fits your head.

  3. Grunge,

    The only piece of advice worth a damn in regards to helmets is buy new and get one that fits. If budget is tight then try to get a plain one.

    Some stores also have run outs on last year's graphics worth checking out.

    I spent $500 on mine and am very glad I did not scrimp. Cheaper helmets [GENERALLY] are noisier but again get one that fits and is Aus standards approved.
  4. Grunge,
    Not trying to get too personal, but are you after riding gear as well?? We have some stuff to sell, it's all brand new. Stagg & Agvsport pants, Dri-rider Jacket. Just let me know if you are interested. Rather help people that want it.
  5. Shadow, we will be soon, I think,
    But at the moment a helmet so that when we get the "lessons" with our mate we don't use old stinkin' ones. =P

    Also, does anyone know any good stores to buy helmets off in Melbourne?
    Or is it all the same anywhere?
  6. Kewl, thanx for the links, imjao.

    Me and mah grrl will prolly be shopping for helmets next Monday in the Melb CBD, as I've booked out a hotel until Tuesday coz it's her b'day. =P

    So hopefully we'll get some bargains then at some of the bike store in Elizabeth St or there abouts. :]
  7. NEX helmets look good, are fiberglass (most cheap ones are plastic, thats ok, but plastic bounces and fiberglass doesnt. Think of your neck not just your head), and very comfortable.

    My wife has an NEX and it looks like a great helmet, theyre just under 200 bones as well.
  8. forgot, they also come with a tinted visor and removable nose thingy..
  9. Hey y'all...
    Just another question that came up for me:

    How do you clean helmets that do not have removable lining? ......

    Or don't you... (eeeeeywwwwwwww)
  10. Oh yeah thats wat i was going to do, thanks for reminding me grunge.

    It's been 9 months since i brought it and that is probably why it's starting to smell a bit (And mine has removeable lining :shock: )
  11. If it has removeable lining, warm soapy water with wool mix - HAND WASH ONLY!

    If it aint removeable, I'm sorry, but I think you're out of luck ol chap!

  12. Uh oh... The helmets I've been looking at don't have removable lining... Do'h! =P
  13. Well. FYI for anyone interested, I ended up getting a helmet @ the Frankston Yamaha sale, they had a KBC VR-1, for $260, instead of $300.
    Seemed a good deal was just above my budget but still okay, so I decided to get it.

    The only bad part was that they didn't have any blacker, as it was the last one in stock so I got a Large one in a blue color scheme.
  14. There you go.. bit of shopping around payed off.. :grin: Well done.
  15. I have a vr1 and it did save my head. I really shouldn't be wearing it and am due for a replacement. I did notice that the vr1 lining is a lot nicer than the vr2, so i will prolli get another vr1. The VR1 i find is alot noisier than my HJC (potplant), but a lotmore comfortable. Anyway, congrats on the new lid, you did the right thing spending as much as you could afford. Hope to see you on the road in the near future. dont forget to buy some gear, It is well worth it.
  16. Thanx y'all.
    I felt good that I got a good helmet at a bargain for when I got it.
    Sobil, I've already started looking at gear.
    As I've said looking at our schedule I don't think I'll be able to get my L's until late April/May, so it kinda gives me time to start aquiring gear/money whilst getting "lessons" from a friend who rides.

    Prolly looking at getting gloves and a jacket from RM gear.
    Also looking at getting draggin' jeans (or an equivalent) for pants, as I'll prolly ride on a more "casual/as a means of transport" basis rather than go for long rides (that will prolly some later.)

    I've sorta got these engineer boots that I got and I think that will do for now (not very sporty tho' bought it to use with the band on stage, so I will have to look at getting boots sometime.)
    Here's the ebay link to what they look like:

    Anyways.. is there anything else that I might be missing/not factoring in?
    And don't say bike, coz it's already factored and I'm already shopping around. :p