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[Melb] Heathcote Bike Drags 29th Oct

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Androo, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Nah, it's not your kind of drag night jason...
  2. I will be there, but on the other side of the fence, I have got a media pass to take some nice pics of the arvo. :D :D
  3. Wow Steve, you move fast!

    Good luck, I hope you get some crackers!
  4. That's what all the girls say....1min and it's all over! :LOL: :LOL:
    Just gotta make the phone calls and contact the right person, helps when my business already does a lot of product and on location photography.
    And the best thing they get it all for free, a copy of every pic I take. :D
  5. xxsteve - be sure to get some of me for my collection :)
  6. You better introduce yourself, I will be with the bald ugly guy called Vic :LOL: :LOL:
  7. hey guys, what preparations are needed to be done on the bike before it hits the drag strip? can any stock bike go on? or does bits need to be tied down like for a race track.
  8. No idea maybe ring them up or ask Androo via a PM maybe.
  9. I'll be there, along with a bunch of the NMRC guys who are going in to throw their bikes down the track.
    Steve, what are the restrictions on taking a camera in? I'm really just going to take some shots of the NMRC boys etc, but haven't got a media pass etc.
  10. I would be suprised if there are any restrictions at all, they don't have any at most motor sporting events. The only restrictions are where people can go, thats why a media pass is handy.
  11. well this is tomorrow.. anyone south east wanna meet up around midday and ride up together? :)
  12. I am heading there in the cage, but will be leaving at 9.00 as I have a few things to do on the way, then I need to pick up the man, hopefully catch up with you at the track.
    Have a safe ride.
  13. Androo, we should be heading through Wallan at around midday if you wanna meet there or othewise see ya at the track
  14. not sure what time i'll head up, but could u possibly PM me your mobile number?
  15. who wants a battle of the 250's, anyone with a zzr/gpx/across/2 stroke 125 want to do battle? :D winner takes 'pink slips' :p

  16. https://netrider.net.au/?page=about :D
  17. "... then you'll blow the welds on the intakes! Then me and the mad scientist gotta rip apart the block and replace the rings you fried." :D :p :D :D

    Hope everyone has fun at the drags if your going. I would've loved to have gone up there but couldn't afford it. :( Don't really wanna have to buy another rear tyre already.