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(Melb)Healsville/Marysville Sun 14th Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by funky_monkey, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Meeting: 10am Peter Stevens Dandenong

    Destination: Healsville/Marysville possibly Lake Mountain for some snow play

    Level of experience: intermediate to advanced

    Hello peoples :)

    Well Sundays weather is looking promising so I think its time to take the opportunity to take advantage of it \:D/ We'll be meeting 10am at Peter Stevens Dandenong departing 10:30am give or take. Heading to Pakenham and tuning off north to Cokatoo/Woori Yallok/Healsville/Black Spur thru to Marysville for a nice hot lunch and coffee or whatever tickles your fancy :) From there, depending on what the locals tell us about road conditions, we may head up to Lake Mountain or to the turn off and turn around back to Marysville/Black Spur/Healsville then back to reality.

    This ride will be finalized late Saturday night.

    Cheers Franky 8)
  2. i'll try to make this one, just depends if i'm sober enough from last night though......
  3. Unless there's snow tonight (unlikely) the road to Lake Mountain should be clear, and wet up top, esp. after the ticket box.

    The road beyond the Lake Mountain turnoff hadn't been cleared as of midday today.
  4. anyone alive going on this ride Franky :p
  5. Yerrrr good one paul :LOL:

    Kaz says hellooooooo :p
  6. Thanx a heap Marty :wink:

    Looks as though Marysville is as far as we'll go going by your advise. May take the road to Buxton for the trip back to Healsville.

    This ride has been finalised and will go ahead :)

    Bye for now

    Cheers Franky 8)
  7. Will see how awake I am in the morning. If so will bring a few riders with me (3-5). May see you in the morning....cheers :D
  8. well apart from being windy, roads are clear to the top of lake mountain and clean. Current temp around Marysville is 6c.
    Gonna be a nice day for a ride.
  9. Goodmorning everyone :)

    Hope you all kept warm last night cause today we're gona feel a nice cold breeze... or should I say freeze :eek:

    See you all 10am Peter Stevens Dandenong.

    Shabb how you going mate? Good to hear from you! Thanx for that bit of info. We'll get a show of hands in Marysville as to who wants to head up towards Lake Mountain.

    I'm willing \:D/

    Cheers Franky 8)
  10. thanks for that Marty forgot about entry fees, $8 for bikes to go up the mountain.
  11. Sorry we must have missed you (we were held up by a few in our group). Hope you had a good days' ride as did we. Only exception was a few drop kicks that will end up a greasy mess one day. The worst of that mess being they will take others with them.

    Otherwise a windy and cold day - and generally dry :D

  12. Tones, you're a fairly moderate chap, so whatever made you write the above would have to have been serious. Given you're a professional riding instructor, I'd trust you to give a reasonable analysis of problem riding. Is there anything to be learned from what you saw? No names, no pack-drill.
  13. Sounds like the same sort of problem as Mouth was referring to in the Group Rides Behaviour thread. Pity.
  14. Thanks for your kind words Mark :D To be honest I do not believe the people those comments referred to are members here. I was not actually with the group of Franky's so this was just a group that was encountered on the same posted route. I was in a group of six riders, with a reasonable level of experience between them. What happened was our group was travelling along, and was separated by traffic. This other group over took both our group and the traffic. Of course this is not an issue, what was however was the manner these idiots did it. A member of our group was overtaken on the inside of a right hander, forcing our guy to run wide almost off the shoulder of the road. This was a 100 k zone and there were plenty of straights to which courtesy could have gone a long way. Basically it can be summed as a testosterone drag race without any regard for others, including other riders. To make it worse was the fact these guys thought they could ride which is of course more dangerous than those whom can. There is a time and place for everything.

    As far as is there anything to be learned is the ride leader determines the pace of the ride, as well as the level of risk that is to be taken (such as how to overtake etc). The leader sets the tone of the ride. The leader should also consider the skill level of the group and make necessary arrangements. At the same time we all should take a step back and accept responsibility for ourselves. It is easy on the spur of the moment to make the wrong decision, all I suggest is ask ourselves is there a better way to do it. I have been on many rides and the fact of my profession does not make me an expert, as every time I get on a bike I'm learning. I made the comments today as I have seen that sort of behaviour all too often and we are starting to get into better riding weather (fingers crossed) and for a wrong choice many others would have suffered something as a result today.

    Cheers - and I hope that wasnt too much of a rant :)
  15. Oh and BIG appologies - I wasnt trying to hijack this thread, I should have posted in the "group riding behaviour" thread...

  16. top ride Franky, as per usuall.........

    in reference to "tones" remarks above, it was good to see that 7 out of the 8 of us that started off from Peter Stevens had ridden together on other rides.

    we knew each others skills level and rode accordingly. all sat on the speed limit on the main roads, but picked up the pace later on.
    we had no mishaps what-so-ever and we all enjoyed the day.

    it was a very windy day and a bit cold towards to end of the ride, but was well worth the effort getting out of bed for it.

    bumped into SOBIL @ Marysville too :D

    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  17. Just to reinterate - I was not having a go at anyone on netrider, and the incident that I sighted was most likely not related to netrider. And I should have posted on the other thread mentioned earlier....

    Cheers :)
  18. so where did this incident happen?
    how far were you into ya ride ?