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[Melb] Healesville/Lake Mountain, Sun March 11 (LateNotice)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by gsxr1000, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Sun March 11th, 2007
    Rowville - Healesville - Marysville - Lake Mountain
    Ride Class: 4 Experienced (NOTE: no corner marking on this ride)

    Meet Point: Maccas at Rowville (cnr Stud & Fulham Rd)
    Meet Time: 9:30am
    Departure Time: 9:45am

    Planned Route:
    from Rowville up Wellington Rd to Emerald
    then onto Woori Yallock (Pakenham/Woori Yallock/Koo Wee Rup Rd)
    Woori Yallock to Healesville
    Healesville (Black Spur) to Ray's Roadhouse, Narbethong (coffee/rest or whatever)
    Narbethong to Marysville
    Marysville to Lake Mountain..

    return trip in reverse...

  2. (late notice)
    Good on ya! I've been inked in for a family day :roll: Otherwise I probably could have swung it.
    :grin: Might have to see if i can fit the family on the bike :grin:
    Maybe the next one...have fun now, so hello to any po-po for me. :wink:

    I agree wif everything you just said.

  3. sounds like my kind of ride :)
    seeya all sunday :cool:

    Hakin :wink:
  4. Aha so this is the one you guys were on about.

    Nup, not coming. :grin:
  5. Just be carefull guys, Police are no dount patrolling these days :p
  6. thought you said you were puttin the bike in the shed? :?

    I gotta work sorry :cry:
  7. Might see you guys up that way somewhere... going on a ride with some friends but different way, not sure how far we'll go yet but will keep an eye open for you guys. I'll be the slow black Hyo GT250R behind a new red BMW F800S, a black street fighter Yam 750 something and an older BMW.... with a Golf GTI bringing up the rear.
  8. I think u maybe right..... :wink: we will
  9. Yeah dude it will be the last ride on this bike. :(
    next weekend it will be on the new one :grin: :biker:

    Hakin :wink:
  10. Gee, sounds like a great ride....its a shame I'm locked in with family commitments :( ....maybe next time. :p

    Have a great day and stay safe guys! :grin:
  11. Wish it was on Monday.

    Got back home today from overseas after 29 hours of travel (commencing at the end of a full day's work), and many delayed flights. Last time I'll ever fly with United.

    I am totally ratshit tired and won't be in any decent shape to go riding tomorrow.

    Have a good one guys.
  12. Daaaaamn, just woke up and saw this post......wish I knew about this ride earlier! lol
  13. Well that was the last social ride for the old girl.
    next ride will be on saturday,when i go to pick the
    new bike up. :)
    Thanks Graeme for the ride, thanks to all those
    that joined in. :cool:
    See ya all on the next one.

    Hakin :wink:
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Well the day started looking like it was going to rain, but nothing came of the black clouds. Got to Maccas at Rowville to find Gsxbusa and Adam (a new netrider) with Blade following me in from Stud Road, so it was just the four of us..
    Had a nice brisk ride to Healesville where we stopped for a drink and petrol then went through The Spur to Ray's Roadhouse at Narbethong where we meet up with Roarin and Realm. We then headed for Lake Mountain, trying to keep up with Roarin....hahaha....
    On the way to Lake Mountain we passed Rowan, who tagged himself onto the bunch. We had a quick rest at the top then Roarin, Realm and Rowan headed down through the Reefton and Hakin, Frank, Adam and I headed back to Marysville for lunch...
    After lunch Adam decided to go home and Hakin, Frank and I went back to the Black Spur to do a few laps before heading back to Ray's, where we meet back up with Roarin and Realm. We stopped for a drink and a chat....a few quick laps with Ray and Miranda before going home.
  15. Did you guys happen to notice a blackbird on your tail on the Black Spur heading towards Healesville?

    Raven thought he'd try and tag along for a bit :shock:
    I was the girly taking pics :)

    EDIT: Apparently he also tagged along as you were heading away from Healesville, but he was supposed to be mentoring so eventually turned around :LOL: . Said he was behind a busa for that bit.
  16. Does that mean you have a photo of me on his tail,
    on the last run i did???
    i was on the tri color blade :)

    Hakin :wink:
  17. That was you!
    Don't worry, there's another one where you're behind him where we can see you fully (and somewhat further back that the 1st shot appears!). I'm pretty sure it's you. John has the photos. I'll get him to send them to you.
  18. Yeah that would be cool, :cool:

    Hakin :wink:
  19. Nope..... :wink: didn't see any Blackbird following me..but I did see someone taken photos.....maybe see you up there again... :grin:
  20. I saw someone taking photos up there, don't suppose anyone got any of the 3 ducatis (Black and red monster, S2R, and a red 749s) that were trundling through?

    If so I'd love to see em :)
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