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(MELB) Heads up: Highly-regarded, trustworthy enforcers of bad legislation near Arts Centre.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Bike cop pulling people over for filtering on SKR in that stupid, godawful bottleneck that someone should be fired for. He's not geared up though so if you filter REALLY fast and he doesn't get your plate, you might be ok.

  2. When we filter, we all run the risk of getting pinned as it means you've most likey made at least one of a few illegal moves.

    Most of the time, we'll get away with it as long as you do it cautiously and when it's NOT really needed to be done.
    But, if they've been instructed to target specific areas, well it's their job and that's how it goes.

    Unless specific filtering laws are introduced, you always run risk of getting some infringment.
    Then again, the amount of times the smart rider gets away with it, we're well ahead of car and truck drivers.
  3. Hence the comment about "bad legislation". We get hit with laws that, insofar as I can tell, never had this sort of application in mind. A law that can be so easily misapplied is a bad law.

    THe "highly-regarded, trustworthy" thing was a lie, though.
  4. "Highly-regarded, trustworthy enforcers" LOL.
  5. Just make sure if you do get 'pinged' by this bike cop that you choose your right to have your case heard in court.

    If a reasonable percentage of the people he does 'ping' start doing this then he'd soon be spending more time in court talking to the judge than he would spend 'pinging' people for something that shouldn't be an offence at all.
  6. :rofl:


    There were bike cops near the NAB building this morning as well, looked like they were pinging people for J walking.
  7. Totally agree.

    Motorcycle are NOT cars thus we need additional laws created that are motorcycle specific.

    But I never blame the cops who are just enforcers and under instructions.

    Too much cop bashing on nr of late in other threads which is just as stupid and unproductive as the speed being the main contrubuting factor to everything message from TAC.

    It's a little like being at a puppet show, getting angry and blaming the puppet with some something you don't like where it's the law makers above pulling the strings.

  8. It isn't cop bashing to suggest that riders should protest laws that need changing by fighting the charges in court and tying up the system.

    That is completely legitimate means of protest that has the beneficial side effect of reducing the enforcement of the particular law that needs changing before it is actually changed.
  9. Disagree. The existing laws should be revised, instead. If they make new laws, they'll screw those up, too.

    If you know it's wrong to follow an order, you shouldn't follow it.

    I suppose I can't really disagree, but the puppet in this case is not free of blame. Should I be less distrustful of cops? Perhaps… but it's harder to be betrayed by someone you don't trust.
  10. Don't think I said anything that suggests I wouldn't agree with any of this??
    Fighting charges in courts, protesting about laws, asking for changes in the system, etc, is everyones right.

    Just don't see the need of rubbish that's been used towards the cops in other threads of late.
    They're just following instructions and will leave us alone in regards to specific riding if laws are changed.

    Life would be a lot worst without them.
  11. Interesting statement!

    They have a job to do and it's no different to any other job.
    Don't do what's required in a job and you have two options?

    Risk getting sacked or leave...
  12. I can't speak for others, but if I'm placed in a situation where I have to screw someone over or risk losing my job, I'm gonna be on seek.com that night.

    If a cop issues a ticket for something he should not, he is effectively stealing from the person on behalf of the state. If the person does not give up money to the thief, the person goes to jail. Jail is social death, because once you go, you have a social/employment stigma associated with you. Bad tickets are theft under threat of social homicide.
  13. Agree with your first part as I'd do the same thing...

    But can't agree with your second statement.
    A cop is there to enforce the law which are in place and rightfully so.
    Are all laws correct and appropriate? Of course not.
    That's why many get altered or even replaced.

    Every civilised society unfortunatly needs law enforcement because well, humans are humans.

    You can't compare a traffic infringment with stealing and theft.
    Difference being you knowingly break traffic laws where stealing is taking without knoweldge.

    The key is not to ask a cop to not do his job but rather put forward motions to alter, introduce or replace traffic laws in regards to motorcycles.
  14. We have cops who read these forums
    We have cops who are active members
    They need to see the feeling of the riders and understand our resentment.
    It's not cop bashing it's resentment to their slavish attitude and adherence to certain interpretations of badly written laws for the sake of our own good.
    When members of the constabulary start insulting out intelligence then we show it as resentment.
    We are sick of being treated like idiots by what amounts to government appointed tax collectors under the pretence of safety.
    Police are people too and must start using their discretionary powers more effectively.
  15. Like hell. If someone takes something from me without permission or via coercion, that's stealing whether I'm cognizant of it occurring or not. Just because the victim knows about it doesn't make it less of a theft.
  16. Smee I agree that cops could use their discretionary powers and some do.
    A search will easily find cops that do.
    Think raven recently posted a lady officer doing just that.

    But rather than leaving it all to a person's descretion, having it in black and white will have a better result.

    Fender heights is a perfect example.
    They pin you for that because they get told to and can.
    Change the legal height for motorcycles and it'll disappear as an issue.