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[Melb] Halls Gap Weekend (18-19 Mar)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. The first Halls Gap weekend for 2006 :grin:

    Go along GOR (or the back ways) to Warrnambool before turning up towards Dunkeld and HG. More than likely route is Lorne->Deans Marsh->Colac->Lavers Hill->GOR-->Warrnambool->Dunkeld->HG.
    Hopefully we'll get enough twisties, avoid a lot of traffic and most cops patrolling the GOR.

    Rang up the usual caravan park place. Confirmed that roads are clear and open to the public :) Usual cabins nearest to the pub are booked. Linens and beds are all provided. Just bring change of clothes and toiletries.

    Meet points
    Westgate Fwy Shell Servo
    Time: 9am leaving 9:30am

    End of Frankston Fwy, Mobil Servo
    Time: 7:30am leaving 8am
    Head up towards Sorrento and hop onto the ferry to Queenscliff around 9am. Cost of ferry is $24 one way.

    All groups to meet back up in Geelong
    BP, Waurn Ponds, 10:30am

    firefling - Paid
    ApriliaGirl - Paid
    Fixed - Paid
    DuHast - Paid
    VTRBob + Nadeen - Paid
    roughcactus - Paid
    cejay - Paid
    carver - Paid
    FR - Paid

    There is a $20 deposit for the accommodations.
  2. Ahhhhh bugger Minna... I am going to be in merimbula then..

    I knwo I should not ask, but can it be delayed 2 weeks???

    If not, have a GREAT TIME :) :)
  3. Arrgh, I would so love to come to this but at best I'm a maybe.

    Trying to buy an apartment at the moment and the most likely place goes to auction on the 25th :cry: :cry: :cry:
  4. Hang on, I've just worked out exactly where Halls Gap is. Looks like a direct route would take no more than a few hours so I can always meet up with you Sat evening and do the twisties Sunday.

    I'm in :grin: :grin:
  5. Re: [Melb] Halls Gap Weekend (25-26 Feb)

    Not quite, mine's a week earlier :p (though only really passing through Halls Gap). Would be interested otherwise but doing HG twice in two weeks is probably a bit much.
  6. If you get the opportunity to stop at the Post Office Hotel in Dunkeld, it has a fantastic view of the rocky outcrop. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  7. Sorry Mitch, date was already planned and set.

    Great to hear you come along Katherine. What about hire-a-hubby? I've given you plenty of time to give him notice :LOL:
  8. If I have the R6 back by then I'll come along.
  9. Not sure, He's gone from yes, to no, to possibly. Maybe he's got a better offer for the weekend :LOL: :p

    I'll let you know
  10. Hey katherine, I will be your hire a hubby......

    "Katherine, take out the garbage" :LOL:

    "Katherine, make my dinner" :LOL: :LOL:

    "Katherine, bend over...... and fetch my sox" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. You know all the good stuff.... :grin:
    Here's another one....don't use the main Dunkeld-Halls Gap road out of Dunkeld, there a more westerly parallel joining with the main about 35km north of Dunkeld again. All sealed, run up the westerly side of the Main Ridge, then crosses through a gap for the join up. Twisties, hmmmm
    Also...the twisties up to Mt. hmmm, hmmm William? (turn off main rd, about 15mins south of Halls Gap).
    Great views from near the top car park.... those who're not too lazy to walk the 40mins uphill are up for a stumper, the views are incredible form the top.
  12. Yes,
    I think I've been on that road. From recollection, it was called Kangaroo Valley or Road. V. nice.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to make this ride. I love the roads there. You can really wind it up on the long sweepers that seem to go forever.
    I've made a committment to the Black Monster Promo around Melbourne.
  13. Just be the mysterious bidder on the other end of the mobile phone, get someone suitably large and intimadating and no-one will bid against you.

    This will be the third ride I miss out on due to bloody weddings.....can't these people get married in the dead of winter!!!! Although the wedding is already taking away the labour day weekend ride......the bucks party shouldn't supersceed a ride, should it?
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p

    That's a very generous offer Skuffy......

    But I think I'll stick with Jason :wink:

    Hmmm, mystery bidder - there's a good idea and not nearly as stressful as being there in person.

    And as far as the bucks party goes, if you're already going to the wedding and are not the best man it should definitely be optional :)
  15. If you bidder at the auction displeases you, you can give them an earful of 2stroke over the phone to keep them in check.

    We'll they were saying I didn't have to go the wedding if I had plans(I wouldn't think there was much option there)....so the bucks party I could probably get out of.....whooo hoooo count me in.

    Your turn now Katherine.
  16. I'm keen for this ride.

    Would like to see many of those that did the 2004 HG ride on this one.
  17. You can put Myself and Nadeen down as a definates for this one Minna :)
    I should be back in Melb around the 14th feb but if yah pm me your bank details i'll slip the dep in for yah :)

    it'll give me a chance to give the new FJR a good two up run, b4 the supers w/end :)

    Plus as DuHast mentioned As one of the original 2004 organisers how could I refuse his most humble invitation to join you all, besides he needs someone to keep him company in the pub when the rest of you pike out like last time and go to bed... bawhawhahahaha

    Ah the memory of just me and him left drinking and being kicked out of the pub, bc it was closing time :LOL: :LOL:

    Ps: we where also the 1st two up in the morning and ready to ride lol
  18. OH HELL YEAH!!!

    I've been wanting to do this again for ages.... Sign me up plus a possible +1

    That would be ME!!!!!! :p
  19. Those who like to come, please put your deposit in by next Friday. I will send a PM about the bank details :)

    Looks like those who know what a blast we have in HG are eagerly going up again :grin:
  20. Finances, ventura rack and Bella permiting I will come, keep me down as a maybe and add Kym as a maybe.

    Thanks Minna