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[Melb] Grid Girl Shootout, Tue Night

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Oct 11, 2005.

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  2. Gentlemen, start your drooling.
  3. Hopefully there are just as many naked ladies at Phillip Island.
  4. So is anyone (cough else cough cough) thinking of perhaps going along for this?
  5. Cough cough COUGH cough?
  6. Grid girls, people... GRID GIRLS!
  7. Okay...do I go to this, or to my son's parent/teacher night?

    *agony of indecision*

    Bugger it, I value my dangly bits. Parent/teacher night it is.
  8. Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, I can hear your heartbeat from here :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. that would top my weekend of :D
  10. Griiii-hi-hiiiiiiddd giiii...hu....huuuuuuuurrrllllsssss.....
  11. Don't tell me it's just gonna be me and Chengaleng?

    I am stuck in Bangkok, I missed it.... Guess I will have to play pingpong and go fish... :LOL:
  13. Dammit Skuff if a pervert can't rely on you, then what's the world coming to?

    /Girl shoot banana
    /You like massage?
  14. Bats, net and table not required. :LOL:
  15. AHHH better have back up batteries for the camera at the Island. :D :D

    Hakin :wink:
  16. Are you serious? these riders pick strippers to hold the grid boards up?

    What is this world coming to :shock:
  17. After a personal invite from Edwards ... It was a tough job, but someone had to do it :)

    cbrdno and PommyBoy picked me up and we headed in to ensure the guys had the right technical minds available to them for this most important of decision. It's a well known fact that, especially on sunny days as forecast for this sunday, the angle of the umbrella and the ability for the lady to keep the riders mind off his increasing temperature of their leathers, plays an essential part in the riders immediate pre-race preparation.

    Edwards and Hopkins had huge smiles on their faces all night, as did many of their pit crew who all had front row seats for the judging. Taking a position just behind the judges, my agreeance with their scoring wained as the night progressed .. probably because they were consuming more drinks than I :)

    8 ladies competed for the coverted prize, and it was an extremely well contended with all participants giving it their best....

    1. Amber put on a good show in the navy uniform and a soapy water bath ... 8/10
    2. Desire competed well with a school uniform and on-stage paint show ... 7/10
    3. Dallas had room for improvement, but put up a good fight in the airforce uniform and ice display ... 6/10
    4. Isabelle was a definite podium chance with a very athletic routine and using ice to keep her cool. Edwards missed scoring this event as he was a little pre-occupied and had his vision blocked for much of the routine ... 8/10
    5. Crystal, in the confederate flag, started slow but soon became one of the judges favourite and she involved them closely in her competing routine, keeping them cool with some ice ... 9/10
    6. Sheridan started out with great anticipation in a police uniform, but the ice was starting to become a little 'old hat' and the display lacked some enthusiam ... 6.5/10
    7. Summer was another judges favourite, involving them also and using some nivea cream before cleaning it off in a soapy water bath ... 8/10
    8. Annabelle was definantly trying for the top row of the podium, starting off strongly in a nurses uniform and helping Edwards out of his jacket and ensuring Hopkins was able to score with some authority. Annabelle was also very taken with one of the pit crew female judges, standing her up and giving a passionate kiss ... 9.5/10

    Edwards and Hopkins decided to take to the stage whilst the officials tallied the score, thanking the competing ladies by reciproacting briefly

    And the winners? ... Crystal won the 1st prize to be Hopkins umbrella-ologist, and Dallas won 2nd prize to be Edwards umbrella-ologist. Annabelle got a special mention, and had I got my wild card entry would have been my umbrella-ologist.

    Pictures here.

    Special thanks goes to cbrdno for volunteering as designated driver and taking us on a scenic trip of Melbourne for the trip home, in search of an open Macca's - we had to settle for 7-11 pies.
  18. What?? Thats all the pics there was?

    Man, i know a chick who goes by the name of Summer and wanted to see if it was her... anyone willing to give me a physical description, if not more photos ;) :LOL:

    Pitty i didn't know about this earlier... :oops: .... maybe cos it wasn't in the calendar... hmmm mouth??

  19. Mouth???? it's not his responsibility to list things in the calendar. ANYONE can add any event to the calendar.

    Do not rely on mouth or anyone else to list events, if you have one, list it.

    Not having a shot at you personally, it's a general rant :)
  20. Looks like everyone was having fun!