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MELB: Grey Suzuki with key in ignition

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kma_jg, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Walked across the road in Docklands this morning and see a grey Suzuki with the headlight on on the footpath. Went to see if I can switch it off and found the key in the ignition and on. Nobody close to the bike.

    I switched it off and placed them in the side pocket of the tailbag.

    Not very clever of the rider. So, if it is your bike, be glad it is still there if somebody didn't take it already.

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  2. ... Free motorbike ?
  3. well done, must say nuthin worse then finding out you dont have your key with you!! panic, then sweat [yep done it myself] then mad dash to the bike to find relief and feel like a nob for forgetting to take it in the first place, now its, turn off, key out, in pocket before gloves and helmet come off!!
  4. So, in trying to help protect this guy's bike, what you've instead done is broadcast the location of the bike and key to a whole bunch of random riders on the internet? I could get down there in 20 minutes and pick it up. And who knows how long the bike will be sitting there now, since I have no idea why the rider would ever look for the key in his saddlebag?

    It would have been better to take the key to the nearest cop shop, and leave a note for the rider. The cops can match the rider to the bike when he goes in. Or, if you work nearby, take the key and leave your number on the bike (without mentioning the key on the note).

    For now, I'd suggest removing the location from your post.
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  5. Well, do you know how big Docklands is and how long and far you will walk to find that particular bike?? It doesn't look like it.
  6. Still, if you were going to be in the area for a while, or all day, it would have been better to take the key with you and leave your mobile number.

    If you weren't going to be in the area, leave the key at the nearest Police station, and your mobile, so they can call and ask where their key is.

    But at least you noticed the headlight and turned it off, so the bike will start once the owner gets the key back. :)
  7. bit of a damned if you and damned if you dont in these situations isnt it.. Reckon you did the right thing as above in saving the battery life, and by moving the key you made the obvious 'take me for a spin' message to wankers a non event. Hope the owner has a good look around and or has a spare at home [as we all do] and get his bike home without fuss, then when he load his gear he'll find the 'other' key and swear for not looking thorooughly in the first place
  8. When I was living in keilor every night when I'd go up to the milk bar I would always see the same CibbyF4 sitting under the covered walkway with the keys in it. Supposedly ALL night.

    In saying that, there was also a fellow who would leave the keys in his running Ferrari with all doors and windows open while he was in waiting for his fish n chips. I guess he thought the big green P plate on the back was a deterrent to thieves. In his defense, it never did get borrowed. Although I was tempted...to take it to a yard and trade it in for a Maloo
  9. wait a green p plate on a Ferrari???????
  10. Yup. In Keilor Village people have more money than sense. Spend millions building a nicer-than-average house on the side of a mountain in the western suburbs.

    It's a common sight to see Ferrari's, New WRXs, the Ford Velosoraptor, Camaros, etc. in that area often with P or L plates.
  11. That's odd. I'm sure all those can't be driven on P's because they're too high powered. (Camaro V6 is possibly okay though) Then again if your that rich to be able to have them you can probably find a way to get out of the fine.
    I wish I could be driving a WRX on my P's.
  12. From what I imagine they're either:

    Dads away, I'm gonna take his X for a burn


    Daddy, can I haz dis sikazz carz?
    Are you able to drive it?
    Yhheeaaa fo'shu my mate haz wun lyk it
    Well, alright then.
  13. You can get the ok to drive "overpowered" cars when on your Ls or Ps from Vicroads, just have to come up with a valid reason.
  14. Like Bernard Tomic who "needs" to drive an M series to tennis practice. :rolleyes: