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[Melb] Great Ocean Road Ride , Sat 5th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Glennb, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. For those from the geelong area (and Melbournians)
    As tomorrow is going to be such a nice day I thought i would go for a ride up the great ocean road in the morning.So I thought I would post it as its always better to ride with others and anybody is welcome and also would be great to meet some of you guys. Was looking at being back in Geelong by lunch time ish, but others can continue on if they wish.
    Thinking of meeting at Maccas on the left going towards Lorne on the main hwy just before Geelong city(I think there is only one, Im new to the area) about 8ish.
    PM or post if interested


  2. Whats the plan?
    Could go back way into Lorne through Deans Marsh and return to G along coast??
  3. Im up for any ideas, that sound good to me. Never riden out this way before so Im up for that.
  4. Why don't you do the full loop? Which would be down to Deans marsh, accross to Barwon downs, through to Forest, across to Colac, down through Carlisle river, across to Simpson, down to Princetown, then back through Lavers hill, Apollo bay, Lorne & up over the hill to Deans marsh & home. Its about 460kms. Should be home before lunch :D
  5. Before lunch :shock: maybe when I get my ZX-14. :twisted:
  6. Jeez you're a stirring coot, aren't you??? :)
  7. Bugger.

    I would have loved to have joining you.. Yet to ride the GOR but im doing another Netrider ride tomorrow..

    Next time you are doing planing on doing the GOR let me know..

  8. Done the loop -Barwon Downs Apollo bay Lorne home - last week road is crapola in sections between Forrest and Apollo.
    So whos going????
  9. Com on geelong boys and girls,. not all is going on that other ride wwwaaayyy over the other side of the city.
    one more 250 and 600 to keep it even :wink:
  10. will do.
    Worked over you way for 5 years in gadd st. off st goarges pd. cake factory called sweet by nature.
  11. Ok so am going to go.
    8am McDs then?
  12. Hahaha. Funny thing is I'm not joking. Got to work till lunchtime so might do it in the afternoon. Have fun :D
  13. i saw a few motorcyclists going up that way on the way through driving the coach.

    i waved, they gave me blank looks. understandable though.
  14. Should of given the nod instead of the wave and you may of got a response :wink:
  15. i was expecting a nod back :)
  16. Hey cbar6....

    That road which you describer as "Crapola" is bloody awesome.... If you consider that to be a crappy road, then you should stay on the Hume Hwy.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I ended up doing the loop saturday arvo, sorry I missed your post otherwise I would have suggested you come along.