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[MELB]Great Ocean Road 22-7-06

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Anyone interested in a slow cruise along the GOR tomorrow mid morning?

    I am heading out tonight for a few drinks with a mate so if I can show some restraint and not get too far pickled I'll go for a leasurely ride to Apollo Bay.

    However......If I do get pickled then I'll be the one at home recovering on the couch watching ClubV on foxtel ;)

    And NO, I will not post this to the calendar :p
  2. Can't go tommorrow, but are you up for a ride out to Broadford on Sunday to watch Johnny O let the GSXR loose?
  3. I'd love to, but, I don't have anyone to sit on my babys for Sunday, only Saturday :(

    Having said that, I might go for a drive up there in the car with the Chicks, see how the day pans out.
  4. I'm interested. I haven't taken the bike out since it got fixed, but I ride a Suzuki so that night cause a problem :p
  5. hahaha, sweet.

    I'll post here in the morning when I get home if I'm going or not.
    At this stage i'm 99% sure I'm going.

    Will leave at 10am from the Mobil non-Service Station in Hoppers Crossing (cnr Tarneit & Heaths rd)
  6. If you see a guy waving with his left arm out of a white EF falcon that'd be me. We're planning to head to geelong about that time for family birthday stuff.
  7. im going to be down that way this weekend, well at the holiday home at Aireys Inlet!!
  8. How about me and kazz meet you in sunbury 10.00 am
  9. Well, I'm going for a ride in the morning.
    Babysitter is sorted, time to visit the GOR.

    I have a mate who is probably finishing work at 10am. He's phoning me at 9.30 to let me know if he can make it.
    If so, I'll prbably leave here at 10.30am

    It appears that there isnt much interst other than cadbury so I will probably go to sunbury then head across to the GOR from there.
    If anyone wants to come along they can calll me on the mobile and we can orgy-nize from there.
    Right time to go stare at my eyelids for a few hours :grin:
  10. Sorry Vic, I'm won't be able to make it afterall. :(
  11. Didn't think so, it is a fair hike for the poor ol across anyway.
    It would need a rebuild once it got to the starting point :rofl:
  12. Todays GOR photos & report

    Click here for the photos from todays GOR ride.

    What? the link doesn't work?

    Oh cmon!!!!!

    Of course it works, the link goes off to the photos page.

    Huh? there are no photos?

    Oh yeah, there are none. There are no photos because we were too busy riding :)

    Awesome, awesome, awesome are 3 words that described todays ride.
    First ride through some decent twisties in over 2½ years and I must admit I was a little slow as I had expected, sorry to hold you up Mal ;)

    It started of slowly, I fueled the bike at the Mobil, came home, chatted to mizz zzr and she and the boy decided to start the ride from here.

    They get here, we rode off, we went to the Lorne, ate, hopped back on, rode to Deans Marsh, Winchelsea, Steglitz, Meredith, Ballan, came home.

    Want more detail, suffer in ya jox :p ya shoulda come. :)
  13. Link don't work.

    :LOL: :roll:
  14. glad to hear you had a good time today vic. sucks that im stuck in work. most likely would not have come as im still getting the feel for the bike but would have definatley been out on it some were.2-3weeks youll see me out riding :D
  15. Good to see you enjoyed your first decent ride in a while. Pffrt no time for pics :p
  16. You know that I know that that is just an excuse :grin: :p

    My babyblade was delivered to my house at 5.30pm on a Friday, I drove home, parked the car, jumped on teh bike, went back to work, then went to work in the city till 7am, rode home, woke up on Saturday went back to work on the bike.
    Sunday I went out for 1 hour, Monday was a pubic holiday and I went to Apollo Bay. First decent ride ever and I racked up 500km :) Booked it in on the Wednesday for its first service.

    Best way to get a feel for the bike, throw a decent ride at it :)

    Never mind ey, next one ;)
  17. i just dont think il be up for the twisties. not yet.

    i got it yesterday morning rode straight from geelong to melbourne, then home in werribee. then all over werribee till the wee hours of the morning. and left for work this morning 2hours early and got here on time. already clocked up nearly 200km's. im thinking my first service will be not this monday but the monday after.
  18. Awesome.

    Will have to catch up for a looksee :)
  19. 0.0

    just noticed you are from tarneit. thats the second tarneitian i have spotted tonight. im just round the croner in wyndham green.

    if you ever see me out and about say hi :p (wont be hard to spot as havent seen many new R6's with P plates riding round w'bee)
  20. breno.. i think i might have driven past you (in oppositer direction) last night.. i remember staring at a new R6.

    vic.. glad you enjoyed the ride.. i was goind to come.. but couldnt get the feckin bike to start!