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[Melb] Great Alpine Rd, 2 days, 28th Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Urban, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Well, I've decided I'm going to go for a look around the mountains over the next few days.

    Rough sort of route plan goes, Reefton, Jamieson, Mansfield, Whitfield, Myrtleford, Mt Beauty for beer and bed.

    Next day go through Tawonga gap to Bright then over the top to Bairnsdale, try and find a fun way to get to Moe then Noojee, Yarra Junction and home.

    Day One
    Day Two

    The maps aren't exactly where I'll be going but you get the idea.

    Lots of riding and not a whole lot of stopping.

    If anyone feels like tagging along, post up or you can call me on 0419 831585

    I can cut out the gravel bits if you don't like dirt.

    Also, can anyone recommend a fun way from Bairnsdale to Moe? I'd like to avoid the highway if I can.
  2. 800kms, 9.5 hours, a little bit of motorcross, a smashed up fairing (again), 1.5 million grasshoppers and my two day trip through the mountains is done in one.

    I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and pouring rain and seriously considered going back to sleep. But the weather man had promised it was clearing so I got up and headed off.

    Out through Healsville and over the wet but still fun Black Spur then on to Alexandra and Mansfield for breakfast at the bakery. The whole way to Mansfield I was following the front as I had nice blue skies overhead and icky wet roads underneath, but the sun was out and I was maintaining a semi legal speed so was all good.

    From Mansfield I took off towards Whitfield, now I'd never done this road before but let me tell ya, I'll be doing it again. Nice surface, (even if it was still a bit damp) and a lot of fun at legal speeds, I think with a dry road and a bit of local knowledge it would be an absolute cracker. \:D/

    From Whitfield I got lost trying to find a shortcut across to Myrtleford and ended up doing about 30km on mostly good gravel roads. (This is where the motorcross action comes in.)

    I'm scooting along this pretty good gravel rd sitting between 90-100kmh singing "Hotel California" with an indian accent to keep myself amused when, just as I crest the hill I notice some signs flashing past with words like, "steep" and "slow down" written on them. :shock:

    Given I was right in the middle of belting out the chorus my reaction time was a little off and I never had a hope in hell of washing off enough speed to make the corner.

    I'd resigned myself to a front end lose trying to make the corner but then decided that instead I'd just ride off the edge of the road, through the grass, down the cutting and back onto the road below. Sounds simple doesn't it?

    I wish someone was video taping it cause we would of won funniest home videos for sure. I bounced, I wobbled, I lost both feet off the pegs but I made it.

    As I pulled the grass and wheat out of the fairing I briefly thought "now here's a lesson for you, PAY ATTENTION WHEN RIDING!!" but then I decided it was more likely some instant karma for messing with a classic like Hotel California and wisely chose to move onto the crazy frog ringtone rather than risk further provoking The Eagles.

    Finally found some bitumen again about 5kms out of Myrtleford and was on the Great Alpine Road at last.

    Never has a road been more aptly named, I stopped at the Pub in Bright and drank a pot full of liquid happiness to celebrate.

    From Bright to Mt Hotham was a blast, a good mix of tight 30-45kmh posted corners and big open sweepers with not a whole lot of traffic to get in the way. Yeeehaah.

    I stopped just before Mt Hotham and took a couple of photo's, Here is one

    Cruised through Hotham thinking that I'd just found a new favourite bit of road but little did I know what was to come.

    If they don't want you to speed then they shouldn't have made the stretch of road from Hotham to Omeo.

    Holy guacamole Batman! Think Big, Big open sweepers, think Powelletown to Noojee with the Black Spurs' surface. I don't know how fast I was (alledgedly) going but it was wound to the stop a lot of the time. Some sections you can see the next 4 bends laid out in front of you, I was giggling wildly inside my helmet and shaking my head in disbelief.

    Hotel California was back on full volume but this time it was the Death Metal hardcore version. AWESOME ROAD. :biker:

    I pulled up at Omeo still chuckling to myself and wondering how on earth I still had a licence. I walked into the public conveniences to get rid of the Bright beer only to hear a loud kachunk/crash sound that sounds suspiciously like my bike falling off the stand.

    Walk outside and sure enough, the stand has sunk into the hot bitumen and bike fall down. Smashed mirror, screen and upper left fairing(not the already busted up one). ](*,)

    Once I stop swearing I grab the trusty duct tape and go to work, all the while promising to never, never again mess with Hotel California or any of The Eagles tunes.

    Heading out of Omeo I was really getting worried about the Karma thing as I was swamped by a bizzillion grasshoppers, man those suckers hurt.

    The road from Omeo to Bruthen is also really bloody good. Following the river for a fair bit with some tight bits, fast bits and some scenic bits. (I think the whole rides probably pretty scenic but I calmed down enough to look during this section)

    Bruthen to Bairnsdale to Moe is boring as bat shit after the last 600kms (next time I'm turning around) but Moe, Willow Grove, Noojee, Powelletown is always fun and provided a nice finish to the day.

    From Yarra Junction I cruised home (gingerly swapping butt cheeks on the seat) via Mt Evelyn to be back home in Croydon at 5.00pm.

    Awesome ride and one I think everyone should do at some stage.

    Just remember to pay attention, don't mess with the classics and maybe invest in a sheepskin.

    You'll have the time of your life.


  3. Thanks for the memories.
    A couple of us from SA try to make over there for a week, every year. You have just rebooted me.
    Still trying to please the group with this years calender, and l goto say things are still a bit messy. l do like to be organized.
  4. Would love to be able to do it in a day but I reckon the 2 hours it takes to get to the other side of Melbourne would kill my ass before the good bits began. Sometime next year tho I definately want to something similar over a few days. Sounds like you had a great time, just you and the road.