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[Melb] Grand prix BBQ, Sun 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by egiste, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. I thought that I would make this official:

    All welcome to BBQ at Seany and eGiste's house this sunday.
    PM me or seany for address (easy to find in Eaglemont (near Heildeburg) )

    Seany wants me to add that people that have reccently had their dad's trash thier bike get free beer for the day.

    see you then,

  2. Re: [MELb] [No Grand Prix tickets] Grand prix BBQ

    Yes absolutley. If your dad trahed your bike recently ask me for support and Mark will supply all the beer. :p He want's to be sure he's not getting taken for a ride though, so you'll need to know the correct password. The password is " Give me a beer mark you dork!" (try to shout at him, he's a little deaf). :p

    Just kidding, people will need to bring their own beer, and perhaps something to throw on the BBQ. Look forward to seeing everyone here. :D
  3. Sound good, but when will it start?

    But I won't be free until 3 or 4pm, will go for a ride at noon. :p