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[Melb] GP Party Wendsday night (12th) at LOTUS bar

Discussion in 'VIC' started by imamonsta, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. We are having a GP party at LOTUS bar (172 toorak rd. South Yarra closse to chapel st.) 8pm onwards on next Wendsday 12.
    Special guests, all the gp. famous riders Rossi, Biaggi, Capirosi Gibernau...
    It's a good oportunity to meet this great history riders, all the NETRIDERS are welcome to join us and have a good time together under the care of the best dj's of Australia.
    METTING point at Bell's Hotel 157 Moray Street, South Melbourne, 3205, Victoria Melway: 2K, E1
    TIME 10pm. People that can't make it to the dinner like myself will meet straight after the GP anual dinner at this hotel and ride straight to the nightclub afterwards.
    The weather is looking good for wendsday.
    Parking will be provided in the front of the bar with signs.
    Who comes late just mention to the door at security my name ARI.
    Let me know who is comming so i can add to the list.
    Looking forward to see you and party all together.
    Calendar: https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=details&id=463

  2. GP netrider dinner is on the same night!
  3. After the GP ANUAL dinner at Bell's.
    So far me and my friends we are about 20 people/bikes. We gona come at Bell's at about 10pm and pick up the Netriders and ride to the Lotus.
  4. Think about it dood, what is the point of meeting at Southgate if everyone is already assembled in south melb thats only 3 minutes away??

    How about everyone that is interested in going to this club all leave together from Bells?

    Those that are not coming for the dinner can arrive at Bells at 9, 9.30, 10pm??
  5. You are right Vic, from sth. melbourne is easier, i didn't know exactelly where the dinner was.
    Well than meeting point at Bells restorant at around 10pm. From there we ride to Lotus.
  6. It's gonna be a bit uncomfortable to boogie in my Alpinestars SMX-3 boots :LOL:

    What kind of music will it be?
  7. Music will be not too hard and not to relaxing, It depends what wave goes on the night, this dj's are very good at adopting to the situation, there is a mix of rrythms from salsa to r&b and if people get itchy it goes from light house to techno.....
    Motorbike boots are fine, i will wear jeans pants my motorbike boots and the leather jacket. of course with an under tshirt :).
    We decided to come at bell's hotel at around 10pm as i don't see to much enthusiasm in here, therefore who ever wanna join be ready about that time.
    cheers Ari
  8. Sound like a plan!!! Rossi will finally have a chance to get my autograph :LOL:
  9. Sounds good to me, only thing is will they let an old fart like me in
  10. Thank you to Lil and the other netriders that came to Lotus. I hope you had a good time.
  11. Thanks for the invite Ari, I enjoyed myself.
  12. Thanx Ari!!! Nice evening!! Liked the VIP parking :D
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I missed out!! :facepalm:

    damnit and i usually go to the Lotus anyway. DAMN DAMN!

    well i hope the night sucked! :D (have grave doubts about that though)

    Sorry. Just had to vent. Hope you guys had a great time and anyone take any pics?? :?:
  14. Everyone had a good time last night, Especially with the latina girls that made the night more interesting :)
    I m sorry for the people that missed it, just make sure not to miss the next one soon....
  15. Any GP riders in attendance?
  16. What?? In 12 months time?? That's ample warning :D
  17. ... give me a sooner idea and i will get back 2u.
  18. Thanks Ari for organising the parking! ;) I didn't see any riders, but maybe I left too early or was sitting down too far away from the action :roll: :p

    The music was good and it was fun watching the young 'uns dancing....there is something VERY seductive about Spanish type, Samba, whatever style music :wink:

    :D :D :D
  19. I also had a good night at LOTUS bar and i have to agree with Lil the Salsa dancing was very interesting to see. very Nice.
    And the Coke to ice in the glass ratio wasn't too bad either....
    Some bugger parked so close to my bike i had a great deal of trouble getting it out though......never mind...let me know when the next time you organise something at LOTUS bar its a really nice venue....thanks also for the invite.
  20. I think I know the place now....they have latin dancing class right before they fire up the nighclub? If its the same place I know what you mean lil, be a hell of a lot easier this dating game if you could move like that on a dance floor.