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[MELB] GOR Ride - Wed 21st Sept

Discussion in 'VIC' started by koma, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. I've been planning on doing the G.O.R and beyond for a while now, and after having my fear/paranoia dispelled by ApriliaGirl i decided to organise a ride. First posted this on our little FZR250 forums but haven't had much of an uptake given the small member numbers ( :p )
    So here it is...

    Date: Wednesday 21st September
    Time: 9am meet @ the outbound KFC before the West Gate Bridge -
    9:15 departure.
    Desitination: G.O.R, Apollo Bay... and beyond pending decent ride pace (and depending on if someone who's done it before knows a better route).
    Class: All experience levels welcome... but if your planning on going warp speed, let us (me) know. I'll be sticking on the speed limit the entire way. Learners (with some twisty experience) who are comfortable at the speed limit should be fine.

    I'll be doing the ride regardless of how many other people come along, but it's always nice to go for a ride with a nice group.

  2. Would love to go, but l have to work...bugger!..bugger!...bugger!!!
  3. You've run out of RDO's? :( :( :(
    I've been planning this one for a while now, but had only had it tentatively organised until the BOM gave it the go ahead with the 20ยบ & Fine. :D

    Should be a lovely ride as long as the the school holidayer's stay away.
  4. RDO's....pffffftttt!!! ...l wish...lol
  5. sounding good...

    what time do you think we will be back in melbourne?
    high probability on this one koma :)

  6. Hey heavyw8... long time no see.

    I'm honestly not sure on what time we'll get back to Melbourne. I guess it depends on the group we end up with - as if it's only a small one we'll generally move a bit quicker (shorter pit stops) and get back earlier.

    Is there a certain time you need to get back?
    (PS. One of the other FZR riders has also mentioned he needs to be back in Melbourne by about 3-4pm).
  7. Hi Koma,


    Would love to come. I'll probably not go on past Apollo Bay if I come. Also what route do you think you'll take going there?

    Cheers & peaceful zazen,
  8. Well i've just looked in the Melways and by the looks of thing's i'll be doing the run down the Princes Fwy to Geelong, then down the Surf Coast Hwy to Torquay. Then along from Torquay to Lorne, then Apollo Bay.

    From Apollo Bay it'll really depend on how my backside & back is holding up, as i'll either go to Lavers Hill and maybe back up to Colac - or i'll just follow my nose home back the same way i came.

    Given this is my first G.O.R run i'm not really sure what to expect; i've done it in the cage plenty of times but can't really gauge it compared to a Reefton/Black Spur run.

    Any suggestions?
  9. I should be up for it, as long as we're back in Melbourne by about 3pm.
  10. Well the general concensus seems to be 'back in Melbourne not too late', so i don't know what everyone else is invited to that i'm not. :p

    I'm thinking if we head down to Apollo Bay and make a judgement then depending on the time and what everyone feels like doing, that's probably the easiest way to do it.

    I'm not fussed doing the G.O.R in both directions, but fear that for others that it might not be interesting enough.
  11. Does anyone know how the road is at the moment?

    Vicroads website says there is roadworks between Fairhaven and Skenes Creek which is most of the ride. :( :(


    I'm still keen to tag along but If the road's covered in gravel it might not be too much fun.

    Edited to add: I just rang vicroads and they say there could be up to 30 minute delays but the work is only to the cuttings rather than the actual road so it should be clear. :D :D
  12. Hi Koma, I might up for this! Hey are you organize this ride to celebrate my end of restriction?

    Haa Haa Haa :D

    But would like to know what's the rating of GOR, hope wont be similar as Blacks Spur :p

  13. Koma - sent you a pm...

    As for the ride... im up for it.

    i will be watching my speed... no room for error on my license anymore :(
    gotta love the 2wheels!

  14. hey Koma, mind to have a scooter with us? He ride a Vespa GT200, heaps faster than the scooter I used to ride. No problem to keep up with us.
  15. Seeing as I was down that way on Sunday I guess I can offer some enlightenment as to the road condition. Down to Lorne is fine. No roadworks. From Lorne through to Wye river is fine. From there on there are a few little streams still running across the road. May still be the odd one by Wednesday. About 1/2 way between Kennet river & Apollo bay the road has slipped away on the left side. There are a set of traffic lights letting vehicles through one way at a time. No dramas -maybe a couple of minute wait.
    From Apollo bay to Lavers hill the road is fine. Just the odd damp patch 1/2 way through the odd corner.
    From Lavers hill through to Princetown the road has cut up a little in a few spots -mainly the first 15-20kms. Little bit of loose gravel in these areas but is easily spotted. Just look for the little potholes. No cause for concern as I came through at quite a decent rate of knots & saw it in plenty of time :D
    Have fun.
  16. not-so-Scootergal :D
    Yeah, i got no problem with a scooter coming along... i was content with the pace you set on your little scoot, so if your friend can keep pace with that all should be great! As for the difficulty of the roads... i can't really comment as this will be my first trek down that way, but from what i've been told it's not as intensive as Reefton, but a little tighter in parts than the Black Spur.

    Heavyw8 - you've got PM.

    Thanks for the road check Urban, and the weekend report Roarin. :D
    Looks like it's all a go ahead so i'll be meeting everyone at the meet point @9am for a 9:15 departure. Full tanks please (i think there's a servo where we're meeting).

    I think the estimated headcount at the moment will be around 5-6 so a small enough group that we shouldn't have trouble keeping together; but big enough to enjoy the company.

    I've PM'd a few people with my mobile number incase there's any problems / running late. If your coming along (or thinking about it) and want it, PM me.

  17. I'd highly recommend you continue on out the other side. IMHO the road from Apolla Bay to Lavers Hill is where you can have the most fun on the GOR. 60-80km/h marked sweepers on a very wide and well made road with huge clear areas beside the road and bugger all cars getting in your way.
  18. There will be no time if they want to be back in Melb by 3pm
  19. Big if
  20. Well the way it looks like its going to happen is that we're going to make the big trek down to Apollo Bay and have lunch somewhere around there. Then if the 'back to the CBD by 3' group wants to head back the same way we came back along the GOR, whilst the 'nothing better to do' group heads out to Lavers Hill and heads back the long (but supposedly far more interesting) way.