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[Melb] GOR overnight stay - I dont know when? :(

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Miss_dj, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Hey peeps...

    I'm thinking of organising a Great Ocean Road Ride with an overnight stay/party :beer: :dance: :demon:

    Im thinking around the weekend of the 18th Mar (Saturday)
    Ie: leave Melb City Saturday Morning, Come back sunday midday or arvo depending on how bad the hangovers will be :facepalm:

    We could all chuck in for accom etc etc..:tantrum:

    Let me know your thoughts... :-k

  2. The Halls Gap ride is a much longer trip though, if you're just planning on ducking down along the GOR for an overnight stay then I might be interested (did the full GOR-Halls Gap loop only a couple of weeks ago).
  3. This isn't intended on Offending anyone but the heading said "YOUNG'UNS"

    The only reason is, firstly im sure a bunch of 30 somethings dont want a bunch of irresponsible young peeps :? around and plus i didn't want to do the whole ride.. :shock:

    Just the GOR...

    Thanks for the suggestions though! :grin:
  4. There can be people of the older variety that are lots of fun too :) .
    I'll be up for this but mabye get people to pm you if you want young people only because i can see this turning into another debate.

  5. Oww I don't know....using 'young', 'irresponible' and 'overnight' in a sentence together could give some people a compelling reason to join in on the ride. Just add alcohol and serve. :grin:

    In any case, have a read of the below thread if you want an draw upon a prior trip. Also book the accomodation early....

    Another good resource

    I thought this was a pretty good option if you were interested in a spa after the ride
  6. count me in for this trip if it goes ahead :grin: young, mid, old i dont bloody care :LOL: :LOL: aslong as i dont have to share a room with groberts im there :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    ps joking grobby :wink:
  7. That great ocean rd tourist park looks like a good place to stay the night..

    Matt is Peterborough a town (with shops, petrol, etc) or is it just a general store and thats it type of place??, wouldn't be a problem for me it would just mean bring food/drinks instead of buying them up there.
  8. :google: or the visitvictoria website are your friend
  9. Peterborough is populated by *crickets* mostly.
  10. I just thought you had been there and thats how you knew about the place.... I am visiting victoria now :grin:
  11. Port Campbell would probably be a good spot, any closer to Geelong and you miss out on some of the best roads. Of course you could always press on further to Warnambool or even Port Fairy (Portland might be going a bit far).
    My own GOR ride/report (included the Grampians too though):
  12. make sure u bring the BIN groberts :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I reckon some of you "YOUNG'UNS" are kidding yourselves, some of the over 30's I know can party with the best of them. :cool:

    If you all reckon you've got bragging rights to being irresponsible you've obviously never watched FOXY's ROMP DVD FROM BRIGHT. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: now that will put hair on your underdeveloped goaties. :wink:

    Now leave me alone so I can go and get my pipe and slippers. :? :? :?

  14. dun worry mate hehehe groberts told me how he use to party :LOL: :LOL: certainly entertaining that is :grin: just hope he can live up to it now thats all :p

  15. This old "SPINSTER" still knows how to party!!!!!
    dont judge a book by its cover, Ive got some very interesting stories I could tell..maybe I best not :oops:

    Anyway..this sounds like it could be a lot of fun!
    as long as what happens on a ride..stays on the ride???? :wink:
    If work permits..Id love to go.

  16. Where does it say anything about "YOUNG'UNS" ? :?
  17. :-w I dont know what all this bickering is about....

    Anyway, sounds good. Im definately up for the GOR overnighter.
    What kind of accomodation planning to stay in?

    Anyway, still a little way to go... but I look forward to it.


  18. Can't really remember what it was set out like....think it was your usually moderately small holiday house collection with a medium sized general store, beach.

    Best to consult the visitvic site for a clearer recollection.

    Between Port Campbell and Peterborough was most of the more impressive coastal rock formations...worth doing the extra 30 odd km to take in a few of those and it set you up for a wondering trek through the otways (stick to the bitchumen when you are planning the ride route though) to get back to the GOR for the ride home. Skeens Creek road is also a good alternative to the tighter and cage choked part of the GOR on the geelong side of Apollo Bay. Apollo Bay to Lavershill is probably your more enjoyable section of the GOR.