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[Melb] Goose - 15pc Funk Soul Band - 17th July

Discussion in 'VIC' started by glipschitz, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. Well,

    As promised by the band, they're back!

    Yes, those of you who missed it can now come and see what in gods name I am on about!


    When: Sunday July 17th, 2005
    Where: Prince of Wales - St Kilda
    Time: 9pm - Late
    Tickets: $10+$2 booking fee direct from venue, from Gaslight, Polyester and Greville Records.

    For more information check www.goose.com.au

    Please reply to this post if you're interested and I can organise tix.



    Who's Coming??
    Greg (glipschitz)
    Rachael (Thundercat)
    Jason & Sarah (Mouth & Titania)
    Marty (Martyh)
    Robyn (Knightrider)
    Lil (Lil:p)
  2. If anyone else is interested please let me know so that I can arrange for tix in the next week.


  3. Okay, Last Call.

    Tickets will be purchsed for those who have responded so far.

    Any other takers??

    Please reply to the post, PM or call me on 9669 5940.


  4. Tickets Booked for

    - Rachael & Orlando
    - Lil
    - Robyn
    - Greg
    - Sarah & Jason

    9.30 Show. I'll be there earlyish... Will talk to those who i've purchased tix for during the week :)


  5. * bump *

    Catch you there everyone!
  6. Good work Robs :)

    Spoke to Frank last night on the phone, should be a great gig :)