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[Melb] Good, trustworthy auto mechanic?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by termis, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. So as the title states, anyone know a good car mechanic around my area? (In West Brunswick -- don't mind driving ~20 min or so for a good, honest mechanic.) Just for basic service and all.

    Last time, I took it to the Barkley Square K-Mart for minor service, and they tried hitting me up with whole bunch of bullshit. They tried to pry money out of me for things that were replaced within a year, even the frickin wiper blades, which I had replaced like a month before! But the major thing they tried hitting me up for was front brakes, and when I walked in & took a look, I had a good HALF remaining on the pads! Unfricking believable -- and I'm sure a good portion of people fall for that kinda crap.

    Anyway, thanks in advance for any recommendatons.
  2. How basic?
  3. Ah, for now, routine safety check + lube changes/fill-ups and all that. I sometimes do some of these things myself, but older I get, lazier I get as well.

    In addition, it's nice to know to know a dependable mechanic when I really have some problems with the car. The car I have is getting on in its years now.
  4. I know a guy in Campbellfield whom has a mechanic and is trustworthy. He is a rider too and will not over charge.

    Name is Izzy call him on 0422 214 555. Hes located in on berwick rd in campbellfield just off sydney rd past campbellfield mcdonalds. Tell him Ahmet referred you.

    I just had a word to him too and rest assured you won't get jibbed.
  5. Just gave him a ring and appt. is set for Monday. Thanks and I'll see how it goes. Cheers for that.
  6. what kinda car?

    i know a really good mechanic in fawkner, i havent been there in a while but he is no BS... i used to go to a place in brunswick that was good, but the place in fawkner is so much better
  7. sounds good termis. Trust me you won't be disappointed both in service and price. I had a similar kmart auto experience as yourself and since then have always seen Izzy. He couldn't do it last time because he was recovering from an off he had 4 months ago. Anyhow my cars due for a service soon too and I told him I'd bring it by to him.
  8. Northern Motorworks in Somerton.

    Address: 12a Freight Drive, Somerton...it is off Cooper St.
    Phone: 83390636

    I used to take my car there majority of the time due to their great service and honesty. Before commencing on any work that needs doing, they would call me and ask me if I want to go ahead with it. If you don't, then simply take the car back the way you drove in.

    Got my roadworthy done there on my current car when I bought it from Fowles Auction. Got the car into roadworthy condition in 2 working days after spending about $1500 for parts and labour (tyres and upgraded rims kind of upped the total price).

    Due to cost cutting, I now do majority of the work on the car myself so hardly go to any mechanic. But if I had the money, I would no doubt go to them.
  9. Just wanted to say that Izzy was top notch. Very thorough with his work, and as a matter of fact, his fees were TOO low. He didn't even charge me for labor for some extra work I requested, so I offered him MORE money than the invoice amount (which he didn't take)! I'd actually be concerned that I wouldn't be able to get my car in with him for weeks if he continually charges such rates to everyone. Anyway, he says he's looking to build a regular clientele right now, so if any of you around Campbellfield are looking for a decent mechanic, I also wholeheartedly recommend this guy.

    edit: his business card here, though he says he might be moving locations soon.
  10. termis I told you my friend. I knew he would have looked after you as he is a genuine bloke full stop. I am sick of mechanics who charge an arm and a leg for a minor service or various other things but with him it's honest rates.

    I actually saw him on Monday night and forgot to ask about you as I was just too happy riding my motorcycle.

    On a side note he is also a very competent at motorbike servicing too and I will be taking my bike to him for its 6000 km service.
  11. Just got my 94 magna serviced at Platinum Auto Services in Campbellfield and couldn't be happier with price & service. For a similar service last time Kmart auto charged me $320 this guy charged me $180. I only used them cause this guy was recovering from an off on his motorbike.

    My mates got his 2006 lancer booked in for a major service next week which will cost him $350 whereas his normal mechanic quoted him $500.

    If anyone is looking for a good trustworthy mechanic I can definitely recommend him and vouch for his services.

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  12. Good stuff. Send Izzy my regards if you get a chance to talk to him before I send my car in for next service.

  13. eek don't go to barkly square kmart mech they are terrible! kmart mechs have nfi, i used to work for repco and deliver parts to them. Always had complaining customers
  14. Will 2 of my mates have their cars booked in for a service on Wednesday and I'll pass on your regards. I will also be getting him to do some work on my bike too.