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[Melb] Good rides out west

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by BluVFR, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Just moved down here and was wondering if there are some good rides out west of this city without heading all the way down the GOR?

    What if I head part the way down and turn north? Any suggestions?

    How long does a ride on the GOR take (say to Apostles and back?) If i left at 0830, would I be back by say 1700? What if I came home on the Princes Highway?

  2. If you do that, come back via Lavers Hill - that road is awesome.
  3. This state is full of great roads & rides, past weekend I spent getting acquainted with a new GPS, plotting routes and then riding them, get one, that’s all I can say, you can plot out a route on the mapping software then load it onto your GPS and it will navigate for you. Or if you want to try a certain road or direction, then travel that way and 4hrs into it just do a U –turn and switch on your GPS, find home and it will navigate you back, wish I got one of these things sooner.
  4. Ride to Bacchus Marsh then head North, there's some good roads up around the Mount Macedon area. You can also head South into the Anakie/Steiglitz region. Another option for the GOR is to head inland from Lavers Hill (as mentioned) or Skenes Creek (another brilliant road) to Colac then onto Geelong.