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[melb] Going away BBQ for Tiny, Fri 12th May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by tiny, May 1, 2006.

  1. its been a long time since i was able to check the forums( allot of new names :? ) as some of you know im soon to join the arrrrmy.
    it is because of this that there will be a bbq at hq on friday the 12th of may after coffe at south bank.

    if u don't know the address (shame on u :LOL: ) give deb a pm or follow people from south bank,it should be a big night
  2. Don't see any reason why I won't be there....

    unless of course I get kicked out of my own house :oops: :grin:
  3. sounds good, better show up just to make sure you actually leave :p ;)
  4. Tiny, you had better bring your L plate around to before you go.
  5. it will be coming round the mountin when it comes
    it will be coming round the mountin when it comes
    it'll be comin round the mountin, comin round the mountin
    comin round the mountin when it comes. :oops: :) :grin: :LOL:

    ive already swapped it over for a new one for my sis so it will be coming rou... don't worry it all makes sense to me

    anyone else comin
  6. do my best :grin:
  7. Just to mention what Tiny didn't in the original thread.
    It's BYO meat and drinks.
    I'm assuming Tiny is supplying salads and munchies ;) :p
  8. I guess i had better split up some more wood for the fire :)
  9. I double booked, unfortunately, we already had commitments. There's a slim chance I drop in late.
  10. what in the blue blazzers is a salad :?
  11. Ask Stewy, we know how much he loves salad :LOL:
  12. :D I'll try and make it to coffee on friday then, it's been AGES since I made it to Friday coffee...

    that's if I manage to get the new sprockets and chain put on the bike... oh, and the flux capacitor!

    Should get there in NO TIME!! :wink:
  13. Would be good to see you if you can make it Leena.

    BTW....... what is a flux capacitor? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :bolt:
  14. Great night all.... thanks Flipper :)
  15. (Buuuuurp)

  16. Thanks for a great night Flip.

    All the best for the Army Tiny.

  17. thanx deb it was a great night for my last hq party, thanx to all that atended
  18. Yes Deb, Thank you for your hospitality. :p
  19. Anytime Rolla :LOL:
    What some of you may not realise is that Rolla lives at HQ as well, so a big thanx to Rolla for his hospitality as well ;)
  20. Well Jasper aka Tiny has officially left Melbourne to head of to Blamey Barracks in Kapooka. It was a bit of an emotional send off. Now we all have to look after his Big Sis who is motormouse on the forums.
    Here are some pics of his big send off :grin:
    I will get his recruit number etc and if anyone finds some spare time on their hands, he would love to receive a few letters to see whats been happening back here.

    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3