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[Melb] Girlz Ride To Sydney, Fri 10th March

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Removed User4, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Ok ladies, here is a trip plan set out by Kate "Curtaingirl", she is awesome, the girl has even given us petrol usage and Kilometres!!! You ROCK Kate!!!

    Greensborough - Lakes 349kms

    Lakes - Cann River 140kms

    C River - Eden 164kms

    Eden - Batemans Bay 180kms

    B Bay - Kiama 160kms (apprx)

    Kiama - Sydney CBD 100kms (apprx)

    Total Kms 1090 (apprx)

    On Kates ZX6 5 tanks = $60 16 ltres @ 230kms range before reserve

    Hume: 890 kms - 4 tanks = $48

    We would like for those ladies that wish to come, turn up at Cleos one Saturday night soon, please post your interest, and we may need to organize another Girlz Ride Day..hehehe We are lookin at early March so far..

    We need to work out dates etc, so please post up, it will be GREAT!!!

  2. are you looking at acom in syd at all?
    got any plans (Girls nights out ;)) while youre up there?
  3. See, fellers, none of this airy-fairy, leave whenever, decide the route on the spur of the moment stuff with the ladies.

    Maybe curtaingirl should be ride organiser for all other rides too, very impressive effort there!
  4. maybe we could have a womens only section again. what do you think Vic
  5. We haven't gotten that far yet, we need to know how many are coming, and then work out the exact date, so a girls ride or coffee night would be a great time to work out acom etc, and we will be looking at acom in Sydney, and a girlz night out would be just the right reward, for such a long ride!!! :cool:

    Eswen, are you interested?
  6. I am interested, but Im not sure about the practicalites as yet.

    At the moment Im trying to get a traineeship, inseted of getting into a tafe course.
    If im in a traineesihip, it would be more likely that I could make it, as I could get a couple of days off and make it a proper outing instead of a rushed trip.

    My main concerns, if its a go ahead, Id reccomend it be two nights or more, accom - its possible a netrider or two would offer some camping space.
  7. Always room for a couple of people in Wollongong......
  8. hell i would love to put you all up for the night in coffs harbour if you feel like the extra few hours ride north ..... the budget you have worked out on fuel and the extra fuel you use you can save on the accomodation expense :?
  9. :LOL: how many guys WOULDNT like to have a group of most likely intoxicated, netrider chicks stay at their place ;)
  10. hahahaha. since there are already people volunteering for the accomodation part, i'll be dezzo dave for the girls night out then :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: nah actually probably not. but as with all trips. *yawn* "you have to have a coffee night organised."
  11. Sounds great!! Is Curtain Girl going?????? :)

    Let me know when the ride/ coffee night is on for planning!

  12. Thanks, but I'm not into the girly ride thing....
  13. Shona, sorry I missed you Sat. night. ohmigod, i cant believe my trip details are on the net. makes me look like very anal retentive. Nola, yes Im goin, i told you about this you wacker!!! Paul, theyre the details from my Sydney trip over xmas. Problem was never got to Sydney, got crook and rode home from Batemans Bay to Melb in 1 day in 38 degrees. Nice . Had an incident with a car at Bairnsdale, hubby lost his sleeping bag off the Storm outside of Lakes, I got sick at B.Bay and our tent is stupid. Had to book into tha last available room at B.Bay and thus blew our budget!! Stil had fun though. Should have seen what happens to a sleeping bag after rubbing on a back tyre at 140kph for 10 minutes. Im still picking fluff out of the chain.
  14. Hey gorgeous,
    come on girl, it aint anal, it's pretty freakin impressive in my oppinion!!! :p Hmmmm Or does that just make me anal??? :LOL:

    Actually hun, I realised later that night that you probably wouldn't make it, but hey, your coming this Sat aren't you???? :grin:

    Every Saturday night Nola, so we shall see you then?? hehehe
  15. C U at around 8.00 on Sat. Jem got a bike yet?
  16. Hahahahaha no bike yet, but thats ok, he can ride mine, and I will ride Mels accross if she isn't coming, otherwise I will ride pilly... See you there at 8 chicka!!

  17. I will be there Saturday (If I don't get lost ha ha ha).


  18. I am organising a ride to Jindabyne on the first weekend in Feb, more than welcome to come along if you like
  19. But they don't like men on there rides. Skuffy maybe you could make your ride men only.
  20. You cheeky Bandit!!! WE LOVE men, but theres a time when the girls just want to do girly things, you know like pillow fights in our underwear and painting our toenails!