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[Melb] Girls Ride. Yea and Marysville Area, Sat 10th Dec

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ZeldaGirl, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Great! :D

    Let's do the 10th then. Meet at McDonalds, Lilydale at 11am, leaving no later than 11:15am - but I'll be there from 10:45am. We'll then ride up to Yea via BreakODay and have lunch up there. Then off to Molesworth, turn right and take a very little used but fun road across to Maroondah Hwy. Then down to Buxton and turn off to Marysville. Then yummo - coffee & cake; then back home via either the Black Spur.

    Learners - would LOVE to see you there, it's a great ride to practice on.

    Sorry you can't make it Lil :( We'll do another ride?


    8) :D 8)
  2. I'll be interested in going to this one (if I have no prior arrangements already) but where's the maccas in Lilydale? What's the addy?
  3. I come into Lilydale from the Melbourne end , and the Maccas is on the right near the car yard sort of heading up the hill
  4. See you on the 10th galz!! :D

    Shona (also known as "RedRidingHood")
  5. I will be there. :)

    :D :D
  6. oooh, I'm not working that Saturday, so count me in and if all goes as it should, I'll be on my shiny red SV650S...woooo hoooo :D
  7. Lids!! :D

    I will finally get to meet you for the second time!! See you there chicka!! :biker:
  8. Yep, kewl Shona. See ya then!! :)

    :D :D
  9. I'm in! ! ! ! ! :D :D :D
  10. This is really cool, I think there's quite a few girls coming!

    This thread got moved from 'General Discussion' to 'Rides & Event Announcements' - I put it in the wrong spot oops :p but there a lot of replies in the old thread. I'll count us all up in a post nearer to the 10th.

    So anyhow I reckon I'm going to have to bring the camera! We could get some great photos of all these chicks with their hot bikes, lol!!
  11. hey i would love to come along ----and be part of all the fun grls riding together ------ girls riding rock ----- !!!!
  12. is this ride still on--?
  13. I'd hope so, but I'll have to bow out. I lucked out with a lucrative job for the day, is just a touch less in the red.
  14. Looks like I may be able to make this....I'll confirm later this week.

    :D :D :D
  15. This is going to be a great ride sat and cant wait :twisted:


    Any others coming along that is on the list above?
  16. I agree Julz, us girls are going to rock!! lol :twisted: :)

    :D :D
  17. Roamer, can I ask, going by the photo of yours, youre not female.
  18. Dont forget to bring the camera girls, the more pics the better :wink:

    I will bring mine but would be good if there is more camera's on the day, so we can get some really good shots. 8)

    I will be heading across through Reynolds Rd, Warrandyte Rd and out the back of Oban Rd which pops out at Maroondah HWY if anyone wants ride over with me.

    Lids you want to meet me at the servo on the Cnr of Oban & Maroondah again?
  19. Yes, at least 3 more.

    Netrider got an email this morning from a lady named 'Elma' who saw the ride on the events calendar. She was asking if she needed to register (and if so, how) or just arrive at the meet point on the day, and mentioned that she would be bringing 2 friends also.