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[Melb] - Girls Only - Ride to Bar/Club [Sat 25th]

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Untame_me, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Hi, I would like to gather around a few cool, open to ideas chickies who ride, this Saturday, going to "The Spot" - Sydney Road In Brunswick....70-30 split in gender in favour of girls. Very possibly 80-20, don't know.

    80's Tribute Band playing, fantastic music, visually spectacular performance.


    I'm absolutely in lust with the lead male singer (similar but not the same guy from the website). No guys in the world so far have invoke this raw 7 deadly sin in me... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: I know it's mission impossible, but he's my drug, my fantasy atm (since no other reality exist). He's controvesy on legs, yum yum. :p :p Everyone else you may choose, but he's mine. :LOL: :LOL:

    Date: Saturday, 25th February
    Meet: At my place..Brunswick West....10.15pm, PM for more details.
    Time: leaving 10.30pm sharp (because it'll be hours long wait if don't get there early)

    Eswen and I are definite, a few more would be more than welcome. Trying to convince ApriliaGirl if she's not going to Halls Gap. Don't worry Jason, girls look out for each other when out :p Fling, apologies for the clash, but it looks like I'll be going frequently.

    Oh, just thought of something, if you have stuff, like heels and bike gears, very likely there'll be a car (my car), my friend who doesn't ride, will drive there, to store your stuff....xx
  2. ooh cool a car to chuck junk in :grin:

    it sounds like a fun night, looking forward to meeting some of the other netrider girls :)
  3. Sounds like fun but its my birthday (big 30 *sigh*) this weekend and made plans already...but deffo let me know if its a regular thing....
  4. Of course the best way to get the boys to read a thread is to mark it "girls only". Its like saying "sealed section" or "free beer" :p :p
  5. Gorgielass.....damn!!....Happy b'day, though..

    I just had my 30th....still dancing and going out....but the crowd seemed to have gotten younger and younger :p

    Sjestory, actually I never knew that, but sort-of cotton on only recently.

    Hey, I know the ratio aren't good, or maybe just the times that I've been, but the lead female singer is hot!! So if we see a bunch of boys' bikes, we can assume that you are netriders? Apparently the place used to be a bikers' hangout before it was re-established as a bar/club.
  6. yep ditto on the happy birthday, hope you have a great time :D
  7. Good work girl :p

    Quite possibly will be there

    I suspect you'll do a better job of that than ApriliaBoy does :wink:
  8. AG, I don't know of ANY bike as unreliable as yours...tell, what's wrong with it now?
  9. lol ApriliaGirl, you make me laugh...yay!!! I promise it'll be a fun night, perhaps Apriliaboy shouldn't know that there's one unisex toilet. :p :p

    Sorry Flip...another clash...I'm so rude....will get to catch up and meet your new boy sometimes I'm sure.
  10. Can boys come along? :grin:
  11. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add
  12. Only in drag...

    Gees, I wish I lived closer! Have one for me, girls! (That's a drink or a fella, you choose :wink: )
  13. Hey, it's not my club.... :wink: that's my friend's mission impossible :p She'll kill me now.... :LOL: :LOL: There are quality girls there...I'm not speaking for myself.


    BanditR1 is likely gonna come!! Marisa hope you don't mind my announcement.

    Very likely will be going again next Sat for those who are going to HQ this Sat....will put in Event calendar this time 4th Mar. Yesire Mouth.
  14. Make sure someone takes pics :p
  15. yeah right... drunken pics never turn out right :(
  16. ohh.........sound good, but got plan for Sunday morning, so better go to bed early :(
  17. Get pissed.. catch a cab home.

    Go back the next day to pick up ya bikes. They'll still be there :LOL:
  18. u should revert back to the good old days for an evening Kishy! work the door at ladies night :wink: make sure they dun do anything too nasty to the poor blokes who are going to be there :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Yeh, the good ol days bro :LOL:

    Now a distant memory.. working the doors for the girls,
    then working ya girl afterwards while youre on tha piss
    wif ya mates :p :grin: