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[Melb] Gimpy Party @ Flippers, Sat 11th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Flipper, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. I realise we don't need an excuse for a party at HQ but with all the riders going off the beaten track lately, we thought a "gimpy party" was in order.

    Date: Saturday 11th February
    Time: 7pm till late
    BYO: Drinks

    Pizza will be ordered at about 8pm for those who wish to get something to eat (other than munchies)
    Spare beds available, 1st in best dressed.
    Show your support for those who can't ride at the moment due to their recent offs and come along dressed as a gimp. Wear your slings, bandages etc, hobble on crutches, roll up in a chair, whatever you can manage. Or just rock up as yourself.
    Cyas there =D

    Email me for the address if you don't already know it

  2. Guess i better go and buy some bandages. :p
  3. Bring out the Gimp...
  4. count me in! i want to laugh at the gimps!
  5. I'll most likley pop in for a brief visit, but have to fly to NZ the next day, so it won't be a long stay.
  6. New Zealand? You taking the bike? :p
  7. No such luck - bloody work trip!!!

    Oh how I'd love a motorcycling holiday over there.
  8. I may pop in early on.
    I have made a prior committment to chaperone some young ladies to Fabian's 70's spa and massage party in North Balwyn... :cool:
  9. Hey G I can come with you as young ladies are hard to handle and you may not cope.....yell out and I can also help you with that.......
  10. Indeed. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Stookie. I'll bear this in mind. :)
  11. I'll be gimping it up over in Adelaide I'm afraid.
  12. ill be at another mates house party.. send the gimps my regards.
  13. "But he's sleeping.."

    "Better wake him up then!"
  14. Don't go messin with the Gimp.......

    He bites!
  15. I'll call Mr Wolfe. :cool:
  16. Mr Wolfe?? :shock: :shock:
  17. Be alert, but not alarmed.

    It's all Pulp Fiction. :wink:
  18. Me and the Pomy boy are coming too...So if ya owe us a beer tonight would be a good time to pay up :!: :!: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Sorry people for not getting back to the gimpy party. Oh how I would have liked to laugh at the gimps... Ended up having problems with lack of transportation, eg, family had decided to make use of my car for the night seeing as though i was on the bike.

    I'll make up for it next time... i promise :p
  20. thanks for the people that came to the gimp party...even though i was the only one that spent the time and got dressed up as a gimp for it!