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[MELB] - Get that wet weather suit out....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ashes, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Yeah, and I brought in my new mesh jacket.... Yay
  2. Perfect weather for ducks and squids...

    or should that be squids and then I should duck :D
  3. I dont need my wet weather suit..... I am the Santeater Rider..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Just got back from a walk from Eliz/Latrobe to Collins/Russell & back for a meeting.

    Although it was warm enough for the young ladies to be suitably dressed :) it wasn't wet enough to enjoy a city version of a wet T-shirt comp quite yet :cry:

    My feet are currently asking me why I didn't jump on any of the numerous Elizabeth or Collins Street Trams (mental note, get better walking shoes than the company supplied steel caps for these wanders).
  5. Maybe I should have brought a jacket to work today....
  6. Er, im at work waiting for the rain to stop..
    How long do i have to wait.. Lets see if i can figure this weather thing out
  7. I figure you have about an hour.......
  8. Did you used to be a weatherman on Channel 10 ?
  9. No, on cable in the US. Our show was popular for about a year as it was 1 hour of weather whilst STONED... :LOL: :LOL:
  10. sick of being at work, wanna go home shower.. have some drinks. Eat nice food.
    Gonna go for it. in non rain proof gear.. :cry:
  11. grrr - I have the summer gloves and Draggins today :evil: :evil: :evil:
  12. Do what I do and dodge the rain drops, you don’t get wet as bad
  13. dude. I told you already, I cook for no man.

    Ill cook it for me and if you happen to eat some thats got nothing to do with me :LOL:

    (Im making nachos!!!!!)
  14. Running late this morning I forgot about my waterproof pants.

    I might be in luck though, the garbage bag in the bin under my desk looks like a size 34 :D
  15. At least it ain't cold. Water was kinda refreshing on the way home, I thought. :LOL:
  16. MMMM expensive ride home.. I prolly should have known better and all.

    Firstly I compression locked up the back wheel going up hill slowly letting the clutch out from about 5k rpm *shrugs* This rear tyre is just pooo.

    Then I ignored the fact that I left my phones in the clear compartment in the rjays tank bag. Tip, its *not* waterproof. RIP garage door opener, work phone and personal phone.

    Dririder jacket left my top half dry, joerocket summer pants were nice and cool.
  17. Spent all weekend Waterproofing my gear......so I get to test my efforts. :D
  18. port80, take the batteries out NOW. They may yet live to fight another day, but won't is electroysis is allowed to take hold.

    Let them dry overnight, and try them again in the morning. Double check they are totally dry first though.
  19. Yep thanks, first thing I did after I got in the door and took off my summer gloves to reveal my black hands (dye ran). My Nokia is woking again. Works nokia isn't. Garage door thingy is still dicey.