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[Melb] Geoff Taylor Yamaha/Honda, Dandenong

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Mouth, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Some will know that I am always willing and happy to recommend the Geoff Taylor Yamaha/Honda Dealership in Dandenong, especially Kevin (service manager) and his crew in the service department.

    My service experience today typifies exactly why I've used them for all services on all bikes in the last 4 years, and will thoroughly recommend them to everyone and anyone ...

    Ring yesterday late morning - can I book in for a service? Ahh, G'day Jason (with complete recogntion of who I am) how's tomorrow (today, thurs) suit for your F'storm? Great I say, ohhh and don't forget my loan bike. No probs comes the standard response.

    Arrive this morning, and the loan bike is waiting. Before I even got off the bike, one of the service crew is starting it and warming it up. Another approaches me and tells me not to bother comng inside, we'll just swap keys and I can be off again .. anythting other than the std 24k service I need? I point out that I think new pads on the front will be needed and to go ahead if so, same for chain and sprockeys since I think they'll need replacing too and tell what chain and toothed sprockeys I want, and can they look at the choke lever plz.

    Off I go without even needing to step inside :) Call comes in mid arvo. Kevin tells me the bikes all ready and go and double checks I didn't want them to put on a new front tyre. Also tells me that the chain and sprockeys are fine and didn't need replacing, but that my rear pads did (as well as the front as I suspected) and they've done those. Great! :)

    Turn-up this arvo, and the bike is looking sparkley clean (it's always good to get a service a few days after a stinker ride with lots of bugs coating the bikeand thus you don't need to wash it :) ). Jump inside to pay and Kevin explains further what they did, noting they didn't get my service book so they can stamp it. I tell him the previous owner didn't give it to me since he couldn't find it, and that I rang Honda to get one and now remember I didn't get a return call from Honda H/O. Immediately Kevins says not to worry, he'll get me one, stamp it from theri records, and post it out to me - consider it done. Sweet :)

    I fully recommend Geoff Taylor Yamaha/Honda motorcycles in Dandenong to everyone. To me, they are exactly what a service is about and why I'm a loyal customer for many years. Trust them explicitally with my bikes, and not a single problem in 12+ services :)
  2. I assume that this service was one you managed yourself...

    The Countdown

  3. Great to hear a positive story. Make sure you let the guys there know your opinion of them. It makes a difference to their day. I hope this type of service is contageous.
  4. I have to agree with you 100% Jason, bloody Kevin and the team are really starting to kick some arse in the service department.

    I will be there in the next few weeks with the two black beasts.
  5. Bugger the Loaner Bike, do they have a loaner BOAT!!
  6. I find them real good at answering questions that I have... allways helpfull.. and they go to extra ordinary lenghts to find out the answer...

    one problem... they are pricy... but I still buy stuff from them... just coz of the service...
  7. Thx :)
  8. I swear by (and not at) the place I bought the Hornet, for the same reasons. They know me, and the bike and they always look after me like they VALUE my business!! SO they get it......

  9. Nah mate, they whisk your bike in and out just so you dont start talking :D:D:D:D:D
  10. I had actually wondered why they only let me book it in on the phone..........
  11. I have to say that if I was going to take a bike for a service instead of doing it myself I'd be head down to see Kevin too. Pretty much the best service department in Melbourne. Taylors are the kind of place that value staff, pay them well and like to train them to improve what they can do. Go down there and have a look around. The guys always make you welcome.
  12. I've been considering getting the 6000km servicefor my F4i from a Honda dealer and seems like i might just give 'em a buzz from all the good reviews I've read here.

    Do I ask for anyone in particular or are they all fairly knowledgeable? Could anyone please tell me what I should ask to have replaced at 6k service or is it just fluids only?

  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I've had the same quality of service from BMW Southbank - and bearing in mind that I've never bought a bike from them but only had servicing done there I think that's pretty good. (not that I wouldn't have bought a bike from them if I could afford a new Beemer :LOL: )

  14. They are all good :) Mandy in service reception is a fox :LOL:
    They'll know exactly what to replace for a 6k service, and your owner manual also will tell you.
  15. Thanks for that mouth!

    Well I think the salesgirl's name was Julie and she was certainly worth spending the hour with AND i didn't have to pay afterwards! :LOL:
  16. Well my bird had it's 6,000k service today, and seems to be running like a chalm, amazing how much a service can do.
    And well done GT Dandenong, dropped the bird off at my place then took the VTR for a service which will come back tomorrow.
    Now that's service for you.
  17. 'Tis a shame their sales staff do not live up to their good service reputation. I visited Geoff Taylor twice while looking for my upgrade and both times I was told to walk, and test rides weren't available until I was basically writing the cheque.

    For that reason, think I might skip them for servicing too.
  18. When i was looking for a new bike i got the response from the sales department of "you are too close to the city, so we don't want to deal with you".

    I won't go near the place after that.