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[Melb] General maintenance session, Sun Jun 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Conny!, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Just bumping this thread as i would be interested if you were to run another one of these Pnut.

  2. hey PNUT./..are you thinking of holding another newbie info session on basics?..I would be interested to know.. and if anyone else to make up the numbers to make it worth your while in beer..
  3. I could do with a point in the right direction re maintenance, Id jump at an opportunity like this if it ever arose again.
    Maybe a "ladies"day....could be interesting :roll: :p
    lots of eyelash batting, blonde moments and ohh noooo..I broke another nail :p:p:p :LOL: :LOL:
  4. yeah, I would definately be interested in checking out a maint night as i don't have a clue, cleaned my chain for the first time last week, took me hours, I'm sure I could benifit from a few handy hints and would definately like to be able to look after my bike a little better.
  5. oh are we having another class here p-nut??
    cause im in again for it
  6. I'd put my hand up to participate if another one was run!
  7. Another interested onlooker...
    I'd love to know more than nothing about my wee little beastie (talkin' bout the bike btw)!
  8. Yep, im also definatly intrested...
    plus its a great excuse to meet some netriders in real life :D
  9. I'll bring the Skittles! All we need is a date now :grin:
  10. Just as long as it doesnt rain ey soft boi? :LOL:
  11. Well it looks like there is going to be another one happening. If there is 10 definates class is on.

    Pm me if you are interested in coming and i'll post the class and then get a time that suits and we can go from there.
  12. Count me in. Hope its on a weekend.
  13. I'd like to watch. :grin:
  14. Iam in like to wacth learn and play with my wee little baby
  15. I'll make sure emma drives me to this :) Weekends are free at moment for once!
  16. yeah sounds good i'd be interested
  17. Hey guy's just a quick update...Just waiting on one or two more then its all go. Will send PM's out when class is on to those that want to come :grin:
  18. Hi pnut count me in!
  19. hey pnut

    hey im interested

    just depends when ???

    what are you looking at coupla hours or the whole day

    do you need to bring anything ???
    looking forward to it

    cheers mick
  20. Hi PNUT,

    I've just changed my own oil today :) so chuffed too!

    next task is the chain and sprockets..... :roll:
    should I get my stepdad to help me with them?.....
    or should I wait til you have this class so all the other novices like me can watch and learn how to do it too?
    Either way is cool :cool: