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[Melb] Geelong Region Ride, Sun 28th Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Roarin, Aug 25, 2005.

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  1. Okay fellow riders. I posted this last night but it mysteriously vanished & no one seems to know where so I will try again.
    News Flash. The world is not flat. You will not fall off the edge if you travel further than Reefton, Healsville or Kinglake. Head south for a back road blast out the back of Anakie, Meredith & Steglitz. Then on down round Deans marsh, Barwon downs & maybe down to Carlise river. I haven't gotten there myself so its new to me too. Maybe round Lavers hill & beyond. Depends on time & weather. Kilometers -lots. No hard & fast route but it will be a hoot. Where? Meet at the 1st BP on the left as you come into Geelong. The one by the Shell refinery turnoff. About 9:15am Sunday 28th Aug. Come on, be daring. Venture south. Cheers, Andrew

  2. Hey Andrew, after your stirring tales of travel, maybe the lads are afraid to ride with you.......
  3. Love to mate, but booked to be bike-free this weekend.

    December, wifey is away ALL MONTH so I'll be keen to get out whenever the weather is good.

    Definitely looking to head your way again and try those roads in the dry. Will arrange something nearer the time.

    Cheers mate.
  4. Andrew mate, Lavers Hill and the Dean's Marsh road are 2 sweet patches of bitumen... :drool:

  5. Hehehehe. Shhhh Simon. Don't tell everyone. Nothing like some nice quiet traffic free roads eh!! No worries nearlyempty. I could be convinced to take another ride at a later date down that way.
  6. Would like to get out sooner of course, just not this weekend ;-)

  7. meh, Andrew your just jealous cos your an extra hour away from reefton than everyone else :roll: :LOL:
  8. Roarin, Reefton is one place I avoid like the plague....I hate it. I'm going to start venturing further afield, but being the scaredy cat I have been in the past, I haven't done too much adventuring.

    Time for some change...a road trip is on the cards very soon :twisted:

    :D :D :D
  9. lol I was thinking of getting together an "exploration" taem... just a fiew bikes to venture out onto some roads... places that don't get mentioned often by other riders but look good on maps...
  10. Let me know...There are some GREAT roads that look crap on maps...and there are many that LOOK great on maps only.
    One HAS to go further afield though, best are 2-day rides to "loop" some good stuff.
  11. the Barry Way....... shit, Im still having nightmares

    (squeel like a pig boy?)
  12. I agree the "spurs" are crap roads.
  13. Bwwwahhhahahaaa...there's one to get yerself into the shit :LOL: :LOL:
    on a roadbike that is.... :shock: :D
  14. Now don't go putting words in my mouth fellow riders. I didn't say that the reefton is cr@p or anything. I personally find it much more enjoyable in the middle of the week -particularly if it "looks" like it "might" rain. Seems to reduce the numbers of warriors on the wrong side of the centre line etc. etc. etc.
  15. totally agree... dont go up there on Weekends, way to many wantabee coffin dwellers

    about 6pm on a summers weekday afternoon is great

  16. Inland to Port Fairy.

    Dinner and a few beers.

    Few hours to get beers out of system.

    Early morning ride home via GOR.

  17. Brother Roarin, I think I may be up for this one..... Much better ride than the Reefton...
  18. Good on ya Lil. Just get out there & follow your front wheel for a week or so. Its the best fun you'll ever have. Full stop. Well for me it was anyway. With no set route or pre booked accomodation & 9 days to end up back home. Cheers.
  19. I am not totally enamoured with the Spur, just because of some of the attitudes of the people that use it, not just bike riders either. I prefer to go in search of the road less travelled.
  20. Well I might come to this. I lived in Geelong from age 16-(off and on) 3 years ago. So I at least know how to get to the starting point.

    Hopefully see you at 9:15am :)

    P.S Is it ok if someone who has never been in a group ride, been (road riding) for a few months goes on this? i.e me. On a VTR250
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.