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[Melb] Geek night, 2005

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Whos in?

    Where at?
    Mystery Location. PM Eswen or Egiste for details.

    Saturday 8th July



    Everyone is invited to stay over, some sleeping stuff provided but welcome to bring own.

    BYO alcohol, Coles 5 min walk from venue, will order pizza at some point. Snacks to share appreciated!
  2. Re: [Melb] Geek night?

    So togas and olive branches okay? Ohhh Geek night. :LOL:
  3. I'm in. :D

    Place:- Yours
    Day:- ...meh...
    Equipment:- might be able to rummage up a projector but no promises.
  4. projector......check.
    All 1st series firefly.......check.
    nice sound system........check.
    parking ...........check.

    More scifi........check.

    Im in too.......

    but im old is that a problem
  5. what about battlestar Galactica.....?
    You seen that yet.....?
    I got all 1st series and halfway through second series.

    its great !
  6. what about v? anyone got that?
  7. just thought it would be good to kick off with something like firefly, due to movie release... battlestar was pretty fun so im up for a bit of that!

    So sounds like stookies place is the go. (its ok, you might be too old but we will make an exception. Just dont go dressing up in farscape leathers and bonds singlets ;)) seriously though, theres not such thing as too old :p

    whereabouts in melb are you?

    hey, anyone got farscape on dvd??
  8. Can we watch something besides second rate Sci Fi ?

    Firefly.. was that the one about the future where they have lasers and 6 shot pistols...

    Invisible tanks + horse's

    what the gay
  9. I knew youd love this thread. You can watch me eat chocoalte if you want. Geek.
  10. Stookies place is In Kew......Im only really available sunday!!!!
    I need plenty of notice......anybody else up for serenity tonight at Vic gardens ?
  11. Back on the chocolate so soon :eek: :eek: :eek:
  12. yes, being called a geek all the time has made me feel unloved *cries*
  13. Mmmmmmm Mousaka!!!

    ... oh...
  14. Hah, beat you to that joke nearly an hour ago :p
  15. can't tonight, but want to go see it maybe over the weekend or early next week, will just wait for all the GEEKS to go see it first...... :p

    still upset you that the very first post in this thread states i hate star wars.... not sure i want to associate with people with this mind set..... :?
  16. how about we rock up really late at night on saturdays? lol
  17. Re: [Melb] Geek night?

    ONE SITTING? r u crazy girl

    how can u sit at the tv for so long

    and mat we all know your the mega geek..

  18. can you come if you're NOT Greek? ....
  19. Re: [Melb] Geek night?

    naturally there will be breaks for the mud wrestling competitions.
  20. of course.

    hey um.. i think you should put it around the middle of all people that would like to laugh and watch maybe 1/2 of them. It'd take me longer to get there then i'd be watching. move it north a bit :LOL: :LOL:

    no stargate?
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Not open for further replies.