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[melb] Gear Recommendation - Cruiser

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by randombrick, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    After considering Sports Tourer vs Cruisers, I have decided to go the cruiser way - I think I am a no-hurry, relaxed ride kinda guy. I am putting money down on a '09 Vulcan 900 today and have to get riding gear. I have been looking around a bit and I think I will start with the following

    1) Full faced helmet (yet to try brands)
    2) Textile jacket with protection - possibly with removable wet weather lining
    3) Boots with ankle protection - I don't see much protection in any of the cruiser-specific boots online.
    4) Gloves

    Now, I want to get as much protection as I can afford but gear that won't look odd on a cruiser. Any suggestions from fellow cruiser riders on brands/models for the above? I am on a budget - hoping to get away with about $800 in total.

    Also good places that sell at discounted prices? I am considering bikemart Ringwood. Any other suggestions?

    I will need to pick these up next Saturday - hoping to pick the bike up next weekend.
  2. You're getting a Vulcan 900 & don't already have gear, not even a helmet?

    You mention Ringwood, so assume you are in Victoria, wouldn't have thought that was a LAMS bike. What's your riding experience?

    As far as gear goes, personally I don't think it matters what your are riding, hurts the same coming off anything at any given speed.
  3. Ah, I should've clarified. I have about 10 years of riding experience - all overseas though. I just converted my overseas license in Victoria and now on a full unrestricted license. This would be my first bike in Australia and hence the lack of riding gear.

    I agree that it hurts as bad irrespective of the bike or style of riding. The best I can do is to protect myself as best as I can.
  4. Before you get the usual comment, the best protection is not to fall off, I have both textile and leathers.

    I've never had an off on bitumen but on gravel/grass and that was wearing kevlar cargoes. It was at reasonable speed by they were intact. My main issue was with lack of knee protection and the shoulder protection probably did more damage, can't be sure.

    Never had an off in the leathers (touches wood). I got the jacket because of the type of protection it had for my shoulders, and got the leather pants because of the knee protection.

    If I am riding in very cold weather or for less than an hour, or when I take the bike in for service and need to wear office clothes underneath I still wear the textiles.

    Horses for courses. Don't rule either out, get something that is comfortable.
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    :woot: fellow Cruiser rider !

    As HB said best protection is not to come off,

    That said and from recent experience, the most important thing you said in your topic was :

    Stores you can try : Bikers gear, AMX, and Bikemart are the kind of 'discount' places you will be looking at. Look at stretching that budget a little if you can ...

    Helmet get one that's comfortable for you (if it has an Australian standards sticker that's legit then it's passed all the tests (dont buy a second hand helmet !)

    Textile jacket - I can vouch for the Dririder series here with 3DO armor ... good build quality most are multilayer with two or 3 different zip in / out linings. Thus will last 'all seasons'

    Pants - Leather (bikers gear), bit hot in summer though at the least RHOK or Draggins with armor inserts. (I'm currently looking at the textile/leather dririder ones but a bit unsure of them)

    Gloves - take your pick (dress for the season and comfort)

    Boots - I prefer full length here (that the pants will go over) they offer good foot ankle and shin protection at minimum the better (more expensive ones) offer calf protection also. Look for ones that are fairly flexible in the upper foot as on a cruiser your feet are forward and the stiffer boots in this area will limit and restrict your movement for gear selection and rear brake.

    Happy shopping !

    See you out on the black stuff ! (well above it on 2 wheels :D )
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  6. Yep Bikers Gear are very cheap, quality is ok for your first lot of gear. Buying online is also worthwhile except you can't try things on, so maybe try some stuff on in AMX or other places with brand name stock and look online, you can get some great deals from th US.

    Good on you for going the full faced helmet on a cruiser, bugs and stones hitting your face at speed is not very nice. I see many more cruiser riders these days in them.
  7. I wear a full face helmet on my cruiser, always figured the open face was for those old dudes on the Harley's with full beards.

    Can never understand the point when you seem some with open face and then they have goggles and scarfs, seems to defeat the purpose of open face.
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  8. Don't neglect the pants. At the very least, kevlar jeans with armour; textile or leather better though.
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  9. Thanks for the advice guys. Point noted about pants. I will include them in the purchase list. I figure I will get at least the helmet from a B&M given the sizing differences.

    Any recommendations on boots? All the good ones seem to have over the top styling. I am yet to find a simple boot with protection and the engineer boots don't seem to offer any protection.
  10. Check out AMX on Dorset Rd (between Canterbury Rd and Mountain Hwy). Not necessarily the greatest range of brands but some great savings to be had. When I bought my gear, I ended up getting my gloves, jacket and boots there and probably came out about $300 ahead over what I'd planned to spend on the same gear elsewhere.

    As for boots, the ones I settled on were black Arlen Ness 1223s, which I picked up from AMX on clearance for about $170 from memory. They're a "race boot" but if you want full protection, that's pretty much what you're looking at. They don't look ridiculous though (even on a cruiser), and my kevlar jeans fit over the top anyway, without leaving loose bits flapping about to snag on anything.

    They're solid without being too hard, have protection where you'd want it etc. Only problem is they're perforated for airflow, which is great for stopping your feet getting stupidly hot, but not so good for waterproofability.

  11. I am re-reading the posts above and it would appear textile pants are better than Kevlar jeans. How is that? I would think Kevlar would be more abrasion resistant than textile (dernier?).

    /Obviously, I am missing some point here.
  12. AMX pricing can be erratic so do your homework. Bikemart usually gives sensible advice and the peter stevens clearance centre in Ferntreegully is also good. My neighbour rides a cruiser and has a black textile suit he wears all year round.

    most kevlar jeans aren't kevlar all over.
  13. Wear whatever you want. Just make sure that it fits and is comfortable.
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  14. Nope. Kevlar has a high tensile strength (and tear resistance), but is much worse when it comes to abrasion than Cordura.
    Denier is simply the thread count, with a high denier Cordura (ie 1,800-2,000) actually getting close to leather when it comes to abrasion resistance (though only leather combines both abrasion and tear resistance).
  15. I personally suggest the Icon Reign boots.

    They don't scream motorcycle boot, are waterproof, have good protection and are very comfy to wear and walk in. But they don't have the same shin protection as some boots, they are more of a 3/4 length motorcycle boot.
  16. I wear these because I have been unable to find any other boot that fits my large ankles/calves.


    They are very comfy and casual, but I would prefer something with a little more shin/ankle protection personally... However, something to consider if you prefer more of a "cruiser" boot. As Gobberwart says, they'll mostly be hidden by your pants anyway - assuming you wear them over your boots.
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    Hello there... Welcome to NR and you have got almost all the correct and very helpful answers from fellow members. So all good there.

    I might add a bit as well (sorry if it has been repeated) :)

    Helmet - I've been hearing good things about Bell RS-1 helmets. LINK - circa $400

    Jacket - Like Marty, I got a DriRider Textile & have been pretty happy with it. circa $150 for similar textile jackets.

    Pants - I bought Draggin Kevlar Jeans when I bought the bike. Probably wont get it again as for the same money, I would get a proper riding pants with all the bells & whistles. I would recommend RHOK Kevlar jeans for now. They come with hip & knee protectors and everyone here on NR likes them. circa $150

    Gloves - You will have to invest in more than one pair. Get something to last the summer and when the winter comes in, get a proper winter/waterproof gloves. circa $50 (for now)

    Boots - I bought ICON Accerlants (waterproof as well). So whatever you buy, get something waterproof as being in Melbourne, waterproofing helps. :p circa $150

    So you're looking at a total figure of around $900 (which I think is a decent start up amount for good gear).

    Apart from that, if you plan to be more than a fair weather rider, then obviously you will have to invest in some winter thermals (full sleeves tee, long johns, gloves, socks, neck warmer etc), along with some rain gear as well. For inner thermals, wait for sales and then visit the camping shops (Kathmandu, Anaconda, Aussie Disposals etc) at cheap discounts. BUT that can wait for a few more months as winter is still far away.

    you'll notice that the more you read up, the more info you'll get re: gear and along the way - you will discard a few things and buy some things you never considered in the first place. Plus we are all here to help you. Just like everyone helped me last year when I bought my bike.

    For now, get the gear, get the bike, get ON the bike and start RIDING. :)

    Might see you at the Sat Practise one of these days.
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  18. +1 on Bikers Gear Australia http://www.bikersgearaustralia.com.au/
    Good quality gear and affordable. I've ordered heaps from them and never had an issue. They are always helpful.
    Can be good to ask about sizing if in doubt. I recently bought wet weather gear from them and asked and they suggested I go up a few sizes since the gear was a tight fit. I was reluctant but followed their advice and they were spot on.

    You can pick up if in Melbourne and might be also able to try on - not sure, check with them.
  19. I have these. They're pretty good but can get a little hot in summer because it's waterproof.
  20. Open face helmet-$50
    Leather vest------$50
    K-mart boots-----$30
    Fingerless gloves---$20


    You will rock that thing.
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