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[Melb] Fun Trivia Evening. Wednesday Nights. South Melb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Pink Angel, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. This trivia night is an absolutely fun night. The trivia is based on general knowledge (stuff you read in the paper everyday), movies, music and sport. There is even a karaoke section and a dare section for extra points. It is not designed for intellects. Johnny O and I went and had the best night, (we even won a restaurant voucher!!!) so we decided we should get a group of netriders together and have a fantastic night. We could even have a go at trying to get into the finals. There are prizes to be won as well. Trivia starts at 8pm, but they have a $10 steak night and believe me, it was a very good meal. A decent piece of porterhouse with vegies, salad and chips. If there is enough interest, we could make this a weekly event. The trivia match ends at 10pm, so it is not too late a night.

    If you want to join in for a meal beforehand, come along at around the 7.15 pm mark, if not, you can just join us for the trivia match and a few drinks anytime after that.

    Motorbikes can be parked on the very wide footpath right next to the hotel in Park Street. There are tables out front, so the bikes should be very safe.

    Can you indicate if you wish to come, as I will need to book a table, as there are quite a few other groups who turn up on the night. The table will be booked under “Netrider”


    When: Wednesday 29th March.
    Start: 7.15 PM or 8.00 PM for Trivia Match
    Where: Limerick Arms Hotel, Cnr Clarendon St and Park St.
    South Melbourne
    Cost: Free
    Meal: $10 (optional, but recommended :grin: )

    ***This is an all ages event *** :wink: :LOL: :grin:

    Pink Angel (Brigitte)
    Johnny O (John)
    Curtaingirl.zx6r (Kate)
    Zelda Girl
    Twingirl (Fleur)
    Gromit (Clive)
    Mrs Gromit
    Kanola (Nola)
    Cejay (Cliff)
    Apriliagirl (Katherine)
    Kazhere (karen)

  2. i run one of these a while ago and was a top night........ am interested, but will confirm over the next day or 2
  3. Hmmm, we need more support :) I wasn't much help for Brig.... maybe I should start reading the newspaper? :?
  4. Sounds like a fun thing to do on a wednesday...will have to confirm in a couple of days - but count me in as a "provisional"...
  5. What we definately need is someone who knows their "Aussie" music. Bands, names of songs when a riff is played etc.

    We got absolutely stumped in the music round. Give me trance, 70/80s music anyday and I can hold my own. But Aussie bands have always been my downfall :cry: My taste has always been too "alternative" :roll:
  6. O.K, I know my aussie music pretty well, put Shaun and I down. wer'e 98% def , just depends if something pops up "kidwise". normally wer'e right for Wed. nights.
  7. I have an obsessive love of 70's/80's music, and of Aussie Rock. Put me down as a solid Maybe at this stage
  8. Thanks Kate, yes I know all about 98% definate, that is how my life is permanantly. :grin:

    And Doonks, yay :) Thats round five in the bag :LOL:
  9. I love trivia nights! Put me down as a 'solid maybe' too, lol. :grin:
  10. Hmmm, good, a couple more people and I can just sit at the bar drinking and not have to worry about my lack of trivia knowledge :wink:
  11. Dont think you will get out of it that easily John. :wink:
    Who is going to answer our motorsports questions?
    Anyway, we still need the skuller for the team :LOL:
  12. Kate knows as much as me so she can answer any motorsport questions that come up, that's cool, I'll make sure I am drunk enough to drink the jug of what ever is the 'sink or swim' question :wink:
  13. I enjoy these - usually good fun. How many to a table? Will confirm later, but certainly keen to attend.
  14. if you're 98% def, how have you ever heard the music :LOL: :LOL: *groans*
  15. [qoute="carri27"][quote="CurtainGirl.ZX6R]
    O.K, I know my aussie music pretty well, put Shaun and I down. wer'e 98% def[/quote]

    if you're 98% def, how have you ever heard the music *groans*[/quote]

    That was truly appalling Carrie...
  16. I luv Trivia nights...don't know how much I'll know, but I'm a definate may-be!
  17. Damn you all!

    I want my bike + learners now so I can join on trivia night.
    I hate my busy schedule. Ah well.. maybe in 3 weeks. =P
  18. I dont consider myself in full possession of a lot of trivia either FR, but these nights are really fun. You know most of the answers, its just getting them out of your head and into your mouth, that is the hard part :LOL:

    I have booked two tables, so will make adjustments and fine tune details as the night gets closer. So no problem for numbers. The more the merrier. It just might be that we will have to divide in two and compete against each other. Now that would create some controversy :grin:
  19. You don't need a bike or licence for trivia, trams go right past! I'll be walking there :)
  20. The last 2 trivia nights that FR and i have attended together, weve won . not bragging or anything....... :roses: