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[Melb] Friday sick day

Discussion in 'VIC' started by DuHAST, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Friday Fine. Min 13 Max 26

    going to take a sickie and ride north/west from miday onwards & return for friday coffee @ southbank.

    anyone feeling this mystery illness that comes on real sudden and in need of this type of essential therapy is welcome to join me.
  2. Going to take a trip up the calder highway and back again eh ;)
  3. If you're going to Bendigo make sure you detour over Mt Alexander, you wont be disappointed.

    It's shown in the VicRoads as "Shepherds Flat Lookout" and Map Ref 59F1 or 44F9.
  4. Bugger I hate you, too much work to play, have fun mate and I might see you at coffee...
  5. We have this program at work that during the Summer period we can take a half day every second Friday - Guess who's walking out of work at 12:00:01pm today? :p

    Nothing like a little lunch time spin to clear the head. :D
  6. where are you going sickie ?
    i have the day off , but have to be in laverton by 3 pm
    could be interest in a short ride ?
  7. I've taken a day off (and yesterday) but I can't ride my bike. I've strained my neck and it hurts to turn it :(

    Enjoy the day!!! I would be if I was taking today off and not actually sick :D