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[Melb] Friday Night, 2nd September. S.Kilda and Movie.

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Skuffy, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    For those wanting to take a break from tradition, let me know.

    I am thinking of maybe going for coffee initially, meet and then go for a leasurely ride up the boulavard to this spot where we can get a nice view of the city. Then, the ride goes down to St Kilda to park the bikes near the St Kilda peir, hangout, chat and maybe even have coffee in St Kilda this time.

    I will be at Bridies (Irish pub 100m down street from Jam Factory) as of 5:30pm onwards tomorrow afternoon. I figure we meet there and decide. If some poeple want to goto the movie, awesome. If not, have a few ales, watch the scenery and then maybe go for a ride. By the end of the night, we will end up at St Kilda having a few coffees and a chat - with a ride in there somewhere.....
    And, if the night is still young, maybe catch a movie at the Jam Factory....

    So, who is interested.
  2. Sounds more like a date than something instead of Southbank coffee!
  3. Robin Robin Robin, I said no and no means no :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Anyways, back to the point...... This is just a casual gathering, to try something a little different.....

    After this weekend, I think a change would be for the better.
  5. ROBYN

    Seems you have me confused for a male (Robin). Hmpf, no name right, no party! :p
  6. Not a bad plan Mitch, I could be interested in this. I will let you know a little later this week.
  7. I know your name is with a WHY..... Just waiting for you to bite..

    Hmmm, hook line and sinker.....

    So, no WHY, just no party...... :eek: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Likewise, I'll be family-free and a bit of variation is a good thing. As long as there is no touching at this scenic spot I'm happy :wink: :p .
  9. Excellent, thanks guys. Looking forward to it
  10. Sound good to me too, and get a bit of catch up with the others at southbank too! Haven't go for Friday night coffee for long long time! :p If I won't have plan for Friday, then count me in please. (Confirm on thursday)

    Because it a bit "nothing to do" for the coffee night, ride to city from Doncaster and a bit of chat and get a coffee there, then back home from city to DOncaster. not really a good ride. :p

  11. now the tricky part.....what movie to see. But since the session times and movie offerings aren't listed until wednesday....the debate is open (que mass debate joke).
  12. I am sure we will work something out.
  13. I am with 3 mobile, and I can check the movie time with my mobile anywhere thru their service!

    So not a problem even we work it out on the day.

  14. Looks like friday night will be fun
  15. We could all head on over to Club-X for some ideas if the night is still young?
  16. Totally off-subject, but how are you finding the Three service. Any good?
  17. I should be in on this , we would normaly head to stkilda for coffee after southbank , so should join in , we tend to park near the vinyard on acland st and go to a cafe called Fringe , you can still keep a eye on the bikes.

    What time would you be leaving southbank ?
  18. Keeping it off Topic.

    The "3" network is being increased as we speak with more base stations filling up coverage holes and adding new areas but I cant go into details :p (Commercial in Confidence and all that).
  19. If we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then I could kill two birds with one stone while looking after little bro :wink: :wink:

    :D :D :D
  20. I could quite happily see that lil.
    not sure about the others though.