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[Melb] Foxy's Summer Sauna mystery ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Foxy, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. This ride sorts the men from the boys, and the women from the girls!

    In it's 1st year, Foxy's annual Summer Sauna mystery ride on in January 2006 starting at midday and going to around 6:00pm that night where, after covering approx. 300km, you'll be treated to a well received gelati.

    For those that attended the Icicle ride last night, you know how many layers you all had on, the rules are as follows.....

    You must wear all the winter gear you can possibly fit on!!!

    So, who's in? Lets see who the real riders are who have a sense of adventure, love some fun and challenges, and aren't scared of a little bit of heat!

    Attendee list:

  2. Bwahahahaha! You'll have riders dropping like flies... literally. :p
  3. And camelbacks and thier like are banned.
  4. Yes, thanks for mentioning that Matt. There will be a list of rules posted closer to the date.....but thats the main one.
  5. Two cans of V was the go a'la last night wasn't it. :D

    Followed by two cups of pipping hot soup, followed by potato cakes and dimmys and a large coffee.

    And Toastie Toes, Hot Hands and heated grips cranked all the way up for all.
  6. :LOL:

    that's a pissa foxy - imagine the speeding fines as everyone goes flat chat trying to air cool their puffed up bodies.

    let's hope it's an unseasonally cool day - maybe up the high country? :)
  7. THERE'S THOSE WRETCHED TOASTIES AGAIN, will I never be free of them?????????
  8. Why is this in "General Discussion"?

    Is it because I haven't put an exact date for the ride on?

    I was planning to add those details closer to the ride date once I find out numbers.......
  9. :LOL: This would have to be like on a 40 degree day right? Imagine sweating it out, then putting the helmet back on :shock:

    Sounds like fun count me in :p :D
  10. Thing is I can see Melbourne putting up one of its wonderful summer days when the temperature struggles to get to mid teens so all the clothing is going to come in handy.
    Serious Mode on
    On a more sobering note. The banning of Camel baks and the like may not be a good idea, dehydration will kill you and if you have to wear all the clothing then you will dehydrate more quickly. Commonsense may have to prevail.
    Serious Mode Off
  11. This I am aware of, there will be several breaks for water and you will be allowed to take water on the bike, just required to pull over for a swig from the canteen. It will make the break points all the more fun.

    Are any of the females/girlfriends on the forum interested in fanning the attendees with palm tree leaves and feeding them with grapes on the stop points?? If so please PM me.
  12. What the hell?? Females/girlfriends? What about the males studs :roll: /boyfriends feeding us women??
  13. That too
  14. Righto Foxy, count me in for this one...... I've got a few months to train for this one...... I'll have to wear my dri rider in a sauna for a few weeks to aclimatise? :D :D :D

  15. Sounds like fun, as long as its a weekend, i'm in :D
  16. Does it count that I only wear a bikini under my Dri-Rider and I'm hoping to have a leather jacket before Christmas???

    No wonder I freeze in winter....
  17. Must have a minimum of a jumper and jacket.
  18. I live to break the rules, not follow them!
  19. [quote="Foxy]Must have a minimum of a jumper and jacket.[/quote]

    No problem for me...most of my jumpers struggle to cover my belly :p

    This sounds like fun....I'll make sure I'm there, just give me a date ASAP

    :D :D :D
  20. Depending on other stuff on the day this sounds marginally more pleasant than the icicle ride so count me in.

    Can always have a cold shower at home to recoup lost fluids.