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[Melb] Fortnightly Tuesday drinks at The Wine Larder

Discussion in 'VIC' started by thelodger, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. Ok folks you asked for it so here it is "Tuesday" (fortnightly) coffee evening between 5pm and 8pm is the plan!
    The place is called "The Wine Larder" and it's located at....shop7-50 Main st Croydon phone Tim on 9723-8860 if ya get lost it's near the corner of Lacey st and Thomas Brew lane.
    here are some pics of the place to make it easy to locate and the Melways referance is 50 K3 opposite the carpark............see ya there!!!! Best to enter OFF Lacy st via the car park.

  2. Hopefully make it this week!

    Hmm, Croydon - sounds a long way from St Kilda.......


    POST NUMBER 600!!!!!!!
  3. I'll make sure I get there this week!

    :D :D :D
  4. Sounds like a plan to me. I'll pop it in my diary.
    Man how the week is filling up!

  5. Melways 50 K3

  6. If the weather holds out I might be able to slip away for a Quick Latte.
  7. I worked late tonight (6pm), so I'm leaving early tomorrow!

    Will def be there!
  8. All organised to escape early today.........
  9. And here I am just snuck off from work with the flu and wondering if I need to go to the chemist in Marysville to pick up some Codral Cold and Flu tablets.

    Coffee in Croydon will top the day off nicely thankyou very much. \:D/
  10. I hear that Pharmacy in Marysville is most excellent.... Lucky Bastard!

  11. Is there a cinema anywhere near there? Getting kicked out at 8pm should mean you can make a tight arse tuesday movie session at 9ish without a problem.

    Something to implement in 2 weeks time I think, unless someone else wants to run with the idea before then.
  12. Umm, I think there is still a cinema in Croydon... Used to go there when I was a bit younger... can't remember if it's still there tho...

  13. ritz has re-opened in the last few months in croydon..

    not sure if they have cheap arse tuesdays.

    its not the greatest cinema out there but its cheaper.. i remember the 6 dollar movies there when i was a young lad :D now of course 9.50 i think maybe 10
  14. About 30 m walk and yes, they do tightarse-Tuesdays :LOL:
    oops, that meters, NOT minutes :D
  15. Nice to meet yall, didnt get any of your names but nice to meet yas :)

    Thanks for heated grips glitch_oz, will install em tomorra and see how they go.
  16. Thanks for the most excellent evening all.

    And to Tim for the most excellent Wine and Coffee! :)


  17. Once again thanks for a good night last Tuesday night for all that came for a coffee and a drink it’s much appreciated. Hope to see you all again soon. :D

  18. Greg was that yesterday for you.
  19. Yes folks it on again ...Tuesday at Tims will now be a regular forghtnightly happening.....so see ya there between 5 and 8ish 8)