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[Melb] For Sale Gladius 650 k9

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by The_brick, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Hey
    I'm selling my partners bike
    2009 suzuki gladius (non LAMS)
    rego and rwc
    bike is as new

    pm me or call 0418 993 561

  2. bike is currently on ebay
    auction finishes sunday
  3. Why do I keep finding non LAMS versions of SV650's and Gladius's, the LAMS ones in good nick are like hens teeth :)
  4. Because nobody wants to buy a big bike that has been artificially restricted which they have a high likelihood of damaging while they are learning? =P

    But anyway, looks like a very nice bike. Do you mind if I ask the reason for the sale? Does your partner just not like it or decided to get out of motorcycling? With such low km they must have basically sat on it...
  5. I like the Gladius its a nice bike..My hubby is real Keen on these, almost bought one himself but he wouldnt buy the Lams version so i gently steered him in another direction....

    Still a hot looking bike i love the lime green/yellowy colour they have them in in Europe HORNY
  6. reason for sale is my wifes pregnant
    so bike has to go
    no use sitting in the shed for the next 8mths or so
    and its only got 113km's on it
    took it aorund the block a couple of times on the weekend
  7. So what BHP is the non-LAMS version? Similar to an Sv at ~72?
  8. BHP is 75.9
    well that what I found when I did a search
  9. hopefully this works uploaded photo I took the other night
  10. Need to sell so would take $8500 8-[
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