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[Melb] First Wed coffee/spanner night: carb synchronising

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Admins: Sorry for the late notice and thus not including in the calendar...

    This event will be held at my place in Yarraville (we might move around as the needs of different projects dictate each week). Please PM me for the address. We can make good coffee and there's pizza and other tucker close by if you need dinner. We'll start at 7pm and finish before 11 or my neighbors will shoot me.

    This week's project will be carb synchronisation: making sure each cylinder is sucking the same amount of fuel/air mix so that no individual piston is overloaded or overheated. But we also want to make this a social night. :)

    Special tools:
    Vacuum gauges, auxiliary fuel tank (optional). Trevor G will be bringing a set of these down from Sydney with him, and I might see if JohnnyO can bring some down too. I should have all the regular sockets, screwdrivers, hex keys etc we'll need to get tanks and airboxes off.

    Our initial project bike will be slickncghia (Ben)'s GSX250F. Hopefully we'll get a chance to do a couple of other bikes as we go. The theory is that we'll get those who know what they're doing to demonstrate the technique on one bike, and if time permits we'll let others do their own bikes under supervision.

    Here's hoping this goes well! :)

  2. Aaaargh! No bike anymore after Tuesday night :cry: I'll try and find a way to pop along though.
  3. Last time I tried doing work on carbies I ballsed it up... so I'll definitely come along to this one!

    PM sent.
  4. I'm There for sure Loz, Should ber a good night so far the mystery rides are the only events ive attended so it will be good to meet some of the other guys and gals

    PM Sent

  5. Sure I'll bring along my vacuum gauges :)
  6. Hey,
    Will be there too, not that my 600 is carbie'd, but it'd be handy to know :)

    Think your address is still in my gps. :LOL:
  7. This Wednesday we will finally work out how much beer can actually fit in the across manbag.

    Catch you all there

  8. You still have to synch fuel injected bikes, they have butterfly valves also.
  9. Loz, you live in Yarraville?

    I am interested in this.
  10. Crap. Carb balancing is something I want to do at some point but don't think I can make it Wednesday (and definitely can't bring the bike - though I could bring the carbs :LOL:).

    Any chance of someone filming the process and posting it up somewhere?
  11. Right, i thought it was just injectors controlled by a computer...

    I'm guessing its not the same as balancing carbs tho?? Otherwise whats the point in having injected if not computer controlled. :?
  12. Hopefully, yes.
  13. I'll be glad to hold the camera to film it while you get dirty, if someone has one, as i dont :(
  14. I am interested. :)

    I can offer a digital camera if no one has a video camera to record it.
    It does decent video and can record sound.

    PM Sent



    Oops. Can't PM yet can I. Loz could you please PM your address? Thanks :)
  15. Thanks Fab, I've got a decent digicam too - I'm chasing up some video cameras.
  16. i could probably bring a video cam, it should fit nicely next to a six pack.

    BTW i just "wheris"ed yarraville ....lol lucky i probably wont be working wednesday
  17. Come along and I will explain it all. Computers do not differentuate (is that a word?) between cylinders.
  18. Actually, synchronization can be carried out on the carbs only, easy if you don't have a set of vacuum gauges/mercury columns
  19. Computers control the injectors but your throttle hand controls the air flow valve..... unless you have 'fly by wire'
  20. So what would you need to do that?
    If it'll give as good results as adjusting them on the bike then I might try and make it. A set of carbs on their ownsome might also come in handy for people to try and explain how they work.