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[Melb] Fines on the rise

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CamKawa, May 31, 2006.

  1. Fines on the rise
    Michael Warner

    SPEEDING drivers are expected to pay an extra $100 million in police fines next year.

    Budget papers forecast infringement penalties will jump 32 per cent -- up to $416 million -- thanks to the return of fixed speed cameras on the Western Ring Rd and the roll-out of a new network of red light cameras.
    Total fines, including court and regulatory fees, will leap 13 per cent to $832 million.

    The Government was forced to refund up to $26 million in fines in 2004 after it was revealed 87,000 motorists had been wrongly booked by faulty cameras on the Western Ring Rd.

  2. Man this government makes soooo much money through speeding fines... man I hate the police at this moment... i have lost another point today... got it in the mail... for going 7 kms over on the freeway...

    I am going to drive and ride like a grandma now... and piss everyone off by going real slow... I have lost like 600 dollars in fines in the pass 3 months.

    The government should spend money on driver education not more speed cameras.
  3. But would you actually learn anything?
  4. they got me for $220 and 3 points the other day :(

    they changed a speed limit from what was an 80 zone for years to a 60 zone and theres no street lighting to see the speed sign :( bloody coper must have made mega $$$$ sitting there over the last couple of weeks at night.
  5. Just dont speed or dont get caught. When I was younger used to speed all the time, probably racked up about $4000 worth of fines and still paying the bastards off. Also lost my licence a couple of times. Now I speed only when I need to and haven't copped a fine in a few years. Comes down to probabilty, the more you speed, the better chance you have of getting cought.

    Also, I have been let of copping a fine a few fines in my time because of my attitude towards the police officer, so don't go ape sh#t saying you didn't 'do it or whatever, better off accepting it and apologising. One thing Ive learnt though is don't waste your breath with the TOG's they dont care what your excuse is, if they pull you over you're copping a fine.

    So just take it easy and be patient, dont give them a cent. Would love to see how the government will go about bringing in the money if people stopped speeding and didn't cop fines.

    As for driver education, unfortunately when we are young and dumb we dont care about risk or consequence, most of us got away scott free maybe lost our licence or copped a fine but others are living with life long injuries or 6 feet under.
  6. oops, sorry mine was in the car, and i do rack up about 60 - 70000K a year in the car + whatever i do on the bike (not a lot, may be 6 - 10000) and i average about 1 fine per year, i'm just peeved about getting caught out on a change of speed limit in a zone i've been going through for over 2 years
  7. So let's just get this straight... the government EXPECTS road users to continue to get caught speeding at an ever increasing rate. In fact it is budgeting on it.
    And this is indicating an increased compliance with speed limits HOW exactly?
    If they actually believed that camera enforcment was effective at reducing speeds, they would be budgeting for a decrease in revenue, wouldn't they?
    Or am I just being naive?
  8. Would learn more then just hating the police. Too me it seem the government puts up more speed cameras to catch more people to make more money to put up more speed cameras.

    They could help people with defensive driving or something... I would want to do that.
  9. Kee Rect.

    That's probably why the general perception that speed detection devices are seen merely as revenue raisers, particularly when you see them on roads that appear to be as safe as you'll get anywhere in Oz.
  10. What was the alleged speed (detected speed minus legislative deduction of 3km/h)? Was it 7 km/h over, say 107, or 110-3 km/h?

    Normally, so the story goes, speed cameras usually don't snap you til you're doing 7 km/h over. They then take off the 3 kays, so your effective or alleged speed is usually 4 km/h over the posted limit.
  11. How long since the changed speed limit was it before you got pinged? It would hardly be fair to ping you if it was only a few days. Was or is there any signs warning motorists of changed conditions ahead?

    I'd be fighting that one, personally. Especially if it can be proved that the copper was taking advantage of a situation such as this.

    Of course, if you're talking about a couple of months, then there's not much hope.
  12. Does this government have a remote control? If so, where's the 'FCUK OFF' button?

    Fixed speed cameras popping up everywhere like mushrooms, it's a joke.
  13. But it wouldn't stop you speeding? Then they'll keep costing you money as this is more likely to stop you speeding isn't it? NO driver education is going to stop you twisting the wrist, why would they bother?
    I just think people who get caught speeding should take it like a man. You broke the law, you went to fast, you ignored the fact that part of your brain was telling you you were speeding............you should just accept it! Think of all the times you didn't get caught, trust me, the score is a long way in your favour.

    end rant.
  14. I know what you mean, but aren't we supposed to observe the posted speed limit on any given road at any given time? Regardless of how many times we drive up and down it?
  15. http://www.vec.vic.gov.au/

  16. It's not a rant, triway, it's common sense.

    What prattle; "They ought to put the money in to driver education and not more speed cameras". No, they ought to put it into buying sledge-hammers to get the message through some people's thick heads; speeding, whatever the safety arguments, costs YOU money.

    You WILL get caught, by an independent device that doesn't care how much education you've had, or how much of it you have ignored.

    End of lecture.
  17. I think that the point is perhaps better expressed that exceeding the speed limit is a factor in about 3% of all accidents, and yet the most common factor in multiple vehicle accidents where a motorcycle is involved, is SMIDSY, and this is where the frustration with speed revenue raising arises from.

    The Government makes as much money as it possibly can off the 3% issue, (almost) totally ignores the rest of the 97% issues, and then gets up on a breadbox and spouts crap about wanting to reduce the road toll.
  19. Aparently it had been changed about 5 weeks, durring the summer i would have probaby seen the change, but as i said, this time of year it's dark on the way home and theres no lighting near the sign.

    totaly my fault, should have seen the sign i guess, let my stuff up be a free leson to others WATCH the bastards, there sneeky.

    The place that gets me is heading towards Dandy at Officer, i think theres 5 differant limits in about a 5K stretch.
  20. hmm that takes care of the pollies... what about the long-term mid level beauracrats who come up with these dumb ideas? They wield the true power and their crap ideas have withstood several changes of government.